Generation Three, Science for the Win, Payton Mays Talla

This generation, we meet Payton Mays.  The daughter and heiress of Sima Hatfield Mays.  She had a great upbringing with Sima and Maurice.  She had every advantage available during her life.  And that made her attractive to the Unknowns.  She was abducted a total of 4 times in her lifetime.  She did manage to grow up and continue her mothers work of collecting.  Let’s see what she has been up to.

With Payton’s need to just KNOW, she decided to go into Science.  She took a job at a lab and met Maurice Talla.  He was her co-worker, but despite the company policy that says you can’t fraternize, Payton couldn’t get Maurice out of her mind.  She decided to pursue the relationship.  And before long, she got what she wanted.  Maurice did change jobs to be able to be with Payton.

It wasn’t long before they were married.

And expecting a new baby.

They settled into living life to the fullest.  Payton was able to complete some more collections.

The family made it a point to have dinner together every night.  Even though Payton didn’t get off work until 7, they all waited to eat until she got home.  (That was very difficult, btw).

They had a daughter that they named Ciera.  This child was a beauty.  They did as much together as a family as possible.  Like Winterfest.  This picture has 3 generations in one.  Sima, Payton (with Maurice), and Ciera.

It didn’t take long before Sima left this world.

Ciera aged up to child.

Payton worked hard all of her life and finally reached the top of her career.

Maurice aged up, retired, and then got in a fight with a murphy bed.  He lost.  I was surprised when he aged up.  I didn’t realize he was that much older than Payton.  When the chemistry is right, you just go with it.  And the chemistry between Payton and Maurice was electric!

Ciera aged up to a teen.  Still a beauty.  She completed her aspiration to be a bodybuilder (except the last thing on the last tier) by the time she became a young adult.


  • Lowest Generation to become a YA – 4
  • Family Funds – 704,491 (7 points)
  • No Fridge Allowed – 1 (3 Points)
  • Make at least 1,000 busking – 1 (3 Points)
  • Discover all potions and inventions – 1 (3 Points)
  • Randomize all Traits – 1 (5 Points)
  • Make it a Matriarchy – 1 (10 Points)
  • Each Unique Gnome – 13 (13 Points)
  • Total Gnomes – 28 (28 Points)
  • Each completed Collection ON the lot – 5 (50 Points)
  • Each creature that joins the household – 1 (3 Points)
    • Ghost – Arabella
  • No Services – 1 (5 Points)
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 1 – 5 (Cooking, Gardening, Fishing, Logic, Handiness) (5 points)
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 2 – 10 (If you count her childhood skills, which I will since that is hard work) (10 Points)
    • Sima – Creativity, Mental, Social, Motor, Painting, Guitar, Gardening, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking
    • Edwin – Handiness, Cooking
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 3 – 7
    • Payton – Creativity, Mental, Logic, Dancing, Robotics, Gardening (6 Points)
    • Maurice – Logic (1 Point)
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 4
    • Ciera – Fitness (1 Point)
  • Top-Notch Toddler – 3 (3 Points)

Total Score: 167




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