Generation Two, Art is Life, Sima Hatfield (Mays)

Arabella made sure that Sima had every advantage in life.  Sima took full advantage of that and joined the painting career.  The other thing she did was stick with Edwin as her partner.  As soon as she graduated from high school, she proposed to Edwin.

Of course, these days a proposal is not a guarantee so with fingers crossed, Sima waited for the yes!  Which came pretty quickly.

Sima wanted to have a happy life that was modeled for her by her mom.  Independent, successful, but full of love.  She believed that her and Edwin would have that life.  She was not afraid to start a family with all of the hope and joy of the very young.  Sima wanted an elaborate wedding with all of the traditions inherent in that event.  So without further ado, the wedding took place.

Keeping up the traditions, they shared a piece of cake.  Look at those trim bodies.

It wasn’t long before the happy couple decided to expand their little family.  Sima was so happy to be able to tell Edwin that they were expecting their very own bundle of joy.  Edwin was ecstatic!  With the restrictions placed by the government on population control, they knew this would be the only child they were allowed, so they were going to give this child all of the love they could possibly give.

After several failed attempts, Arabella had finally been successful on keeping the Cowplant alive.  Unfortunately.  As that is the way that she passed from this earth.  Sima was devastated to lose her mother during her pregnancy.  She was looking forward to having her mother’s wisdom and help once the little nooboo arrived.

Not long after Arabella’s untimely death, Sima went into labor and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl that she name Payton.

It didn’t take long before Sima was overwhelmed with the responsibility of a baby and her growing art career.  At her wit’s end, Sima found a old lady who promised to bring her mother back from the grave.  Sima was skeptical, but she wanted to have her mother back. It didn’t take long, though the black magic was a bit scary, to have her mother back in the household, albeit as a ghost.

With her mother’s ghostly help, Sima was able to concentrate on collecting as many items as possible and growing her art career.  Because Sima has been fascinated with art her whole life, it didn’t take long for her to rise to the top of her career.

As the years flew by, Payton grew up to a teen.  Because of her mother, Payton had a head start on creativity and was quickly recognized as Creatively Gifted.  But Payton had other goals in life.  Science was where her heart was at.  She was hoping to make life better for all of mankind and with that goal in mind, started working on her mental resources.  It didn’t take long before she was Mentally Gifted.  As a child, her goal was always to help those in need and thought that joining the scouts may help with that.  With her mental acumen, Payton was soon a Llamacorn Scout.  Watching her mother collect all these random things, Payton developed a love of collecting as well.  She helped her mother find all of the frogs.

All of the Crystals.

All of the Metals.

Because Payton spent so much time studying the sky and other scientific anomalies, it didn’t take long for mysterious things to start happening.  She didn’t understand what was happening, but with excitement she allowed it.  This was the perfect way to discover more about the world.  Unfortunately, Payton couldn’t pull any memories from her time with the unknowns.

I missed the birthday announcement and was quite shocked when Edwin aged up to elderly.  Where did the time go?  And what happened to that slim young man from the wedding photos?

Young men can go for hours doing strenuous activity.  Edwin kept forgetting that he was no longer that young man.  But I can say that he died happy.  After a round of woohoo with Sima, he left us behind.  Sima, still a few days from being old, wasn’t happy about Edwin checking out.  Of course, that may have been the overwhelming stink coming off of both of them after a energetic round of woohoo.  Edwin had mastered Handiness and Cooking.  He completed the Culinary Aspiration.

Payton took over the legacy soon after her father’s death.


Lowest Generation to become a YA – 3
Family Funds – 430,364 (4 points)
No Fridge Allowed – 1 (3 Points)
Make at least 1,000 busking – 1 (3 Points)
Randomize all Traits – 1 (5 Points)
Make it a Matriarchy – 1 (10 Points)
Each Unique Gnome – 13 (13 Points)
Total Gnomes – 24 (24 Points)
Each completed Collection ON the lot – 5 (50 Points)
No Services – 1 (5 Points)
Skills Maxed, Gen 1 – 5 (Cooking, Gardening, Fishing, Logic, Handiness) (5 points)
Skills Maxed, Gen 2 – 10 (If you count her childhood skills, which I will since that is hard work) (10 Points
Sima – Creativity, Mental, Social, Motor, Painting, Guitar, Gardening, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking
Edwin – Handiness, Cooking
Skills Maxed, Gen 3 – 4 (Creativity, Mental, Logic, Dancing) (4 Points)
Top-Notch Toddler – 2 (2 Points)

Total Score:  150

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