The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, The Beginning

Divinity Everlasting

Welp, I am going to give this challenge a go.  Wish me luck!

The Rules and Set up are here.

Divinity Everlasting

I created Divinity Everlasting, the Immortal Teen, and her guardian, Chevy Laggard.  Divinity’s traits are Genius, Creative, and Muser.  She has the first aspiration of Best-Selling Author.  Chevy has the traits of Slob, Hates Children, Mean, and Dastardly and wants to be the Public Enemy.  Let me tell you Divinity’s story.  Divinity had a loving and strong family, with her mom and dad being very successful career people.  They gave their only child, Divinity, everything she could want or need.  One day, the family went on vacation, and during the trip home, there was a major, catastrophic car accident that killed both her mom and dad.  Divinity had her face pressed against the window when the accident happened and sustained major lacerations to her face.  Though they did what they could to fix her, the scars were deep and many.  Because she was just a teenager, the state sent her to live with a foster dad, Chevy Laggard.  How he became a foster dad, we may never know, because he hates children and is very mean.  But he must have fooled them somehow. His only source of income is the foster kids.  And for now, that is Divinity.

Chevy Laggard

Chevy Laggard is a mystery man, who takes in orphaned children for the money. He doesn’t work, and he expects the children to provide for him and to clean up after him.  His story begins and ends here.  His only role is to make sure Divinity has a roof over her head.  Period.  She will have to fend for herself when it comes to money, (she is saving for college) and food (she cannot eat anything he prepares).  Here is the man you may see in some photos during this journey.

Chevy has a small 2 bedroom house in Willow Creek and he immediately confiscated all of Divinity’s inheritance for “upkeep”.  Which means that the first thing that Divinity needs to do is get a job.  She must be able to hide most of the money from Chevy so that she can start saving for college.  She needs $13,000 Simoleans.  This will be hard for her to, not only make the money, but to keep Chevy’s hands off of it.  She takes a job as a Lawn Mower because it has the highest pay.  She has 6 days to figure out how to come up with some money for food and bills.  She will go Garbage Shopping (her dad used to say this of those who like to frequent garage sales and dumpster dive.)  Though her family never needed to worry about money before, Divinity was curious about what people found so fascinating about going through other people’s trash.  She was about to find out.

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Divinity starts working on her cooking skill, and sits down to eat a bit with Chevy, and he starts riding her ass about her fashion, like he has room to talk.  Not only does it embarrass her, but it makes her enraged!  She had to take a shower to calm down.  She leaves Chevy on the couch to work on her project, and then he comes out to help her.  She runs him off, and he goes over and knocks the trash can over and then plays in the trash.  He is truly disgusting.  Every day, Divinity has to come home from school and clean up after his filthy ass.  

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After cleaning up a bit, Divinity goes out to search for more treasures so that she had money to feed herself, and in the process feed that slob that she has been stuck with.  She feels like her only hope is to make some friends and get the hell outta dodge.  So when Vlad came to prey on their necks, she turned the tables on him and introduced herself and chatted him up until they were friendly.  Not quite friends, but almost.  She also met Wolfgang at school and invited him over for a little light flirtation and maybe some more?  Trying to find solutions to her dire situation.

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Divinity was asked to join the Paragons Club so she said sure.  They immediately invited her to a dance party which she gladly accepted, even though it was a school night and she knew better.  A good grade would go a long way to helping her get out of the hell she had found herself in.  However, once she got there, she was so sad that she had to write in her journal first.  Then she joined the festivities and made it her mission to meet as many people as possible and there may have been some alcohol involved.  She even found a willing smuck to meet her in the bushes.  When she got home, she had to call in and take a vacation day from school.

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Having the day allowed her to keep searching for frogs and other goodies that she could sell to make some money.  While she was out, it was such a pretty day that she decided to do her homework on a bench.  She has such interesting facial expressions.

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With her fun and social tanked, she called Wolfgang over for a little social time and whatever else might happen.  The first kiss led to some mattress dancing, and even though I did not direct them to do that, they did it 4 times in a row.  She got pregnant and had to tell Wolfgang. He wasn’t all that pleased with her.  But the deed is done, so now they have to live with it.

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(I had to see why they kept running off to the bedroom and this is what I find)

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Wolfgang is kinda weird.  It is spring time so why is he wearing a Christmas hat?  And the pregnancy was kicking Divinity’s ass.  She was always hungry and tired.  She passed out quite a bit.  And coming home to a filthy foster parent didn’t help matters.  And his sympathy was non-existent.  

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All the stress of being pregnant and school work and worrying about money, made for a devestating loss.  Moving on from that, Wolfgang and Divinity are deciding what their relationship will look like going forward.  She believes it would be best if they were just friends. After a last time together, they broke it off.  Wolfgang wasn’t as happy about the situation but that’s life sometimes.

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Divinity went back to doing what she needed to do to ditch the foster and get into college.

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That concludes the first week of Divinity’s new life.  A lot happened this week, but she is nowhere near ready to move out to college.

Frogs 3/13

  • Striped Leaf Frog
  • Tiger Frog
  • Spotted Leaf Frog

Meals 6/13

  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Franks & Beans
  • Eggs & Toast
  • BLT

Gardening 2/13

  • Mushrooms
  • Strawberries 

Boyfriends 1/4

  • Wolfgang Munch – Wk 1

Friends 3/13

  • Chevy Laggard
  • Hugo Villarreal
  • Summer Holiday

Parties 1/13

  • Dance Party at Van Haunt Estates

Job 2/3 

  • Lawn Mower 2/3 (Landscaper)

Money 586/13,000

Skills 11/13 ha!

  • Charisma – 1
  • Cooking – 3
  • Dancing – 1
  • Fishing – 1
  • Gardening – 1
  • Handiness – 1
  • Rocket Science – 2
  • Writing – 1

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