OWBC Generation Two Chapter 1

I guess we must move on from the stupidity that these Sims get up to.  Since Ashlee and Caitlyn were just hanging around waiting for their birthday, I went ahead and aged them up a couple of days early.  Since the Base Game Bonus was the one where everyone had to complete their aspirations, I just dumped that idea and moved Ashlee out once I gave her a job.  And Caitlyn took over the household.  I had fun making her over!

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Caitlyn took a career in the Detective field and immediately went searching for Baby Daddy.  She met two guys at the Romance Festival.  She really liked the looks of the dark haired guy, but she had so much chemistry with the red head.  But she got a little nervous when he interrupted their conversation to strip down and streak!

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While she was making up her mind, she went to work and completed her orientation.  Because of her upbringing, she started at level 3 in the Detective field.

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Chemistry wins!

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And the last generation to be born to this challenge is cooking.  Because the base game bonus got scuttled, ALL girl children will be eligible for the next heiress. Yay!

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