OWBC Generation One Chapter 2

The Twins as Teens

After the twins came Amira and then Raven.  Amira is the only one of the girls that does not have the skin tone to complete the Base Game Bonus.

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Updated Flamingos to reflect the four girls.

Don’s response when told Marielle was having a 4th child.  He was happy, not happy about it.

Juniper aged up to an elder during this time, so she continued her gramma duties with the girls.


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Amira and Raven aged up to child

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Soon after the all the girls were children, Juniper gave up the ghost and passed on.  This is the end of the Founder’s Generation.  Juniper died of Old Age.

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After the mourning period ended, the girls worked on their scout badges.  They did everything together, since they are all so close in age.  Eating and homework primarily.  Marielle also had some fun at work, freezing the tourist with the freeze ray.  She gets a happy moodlet after using that damn thing.

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Ashlee and Caitlyn have aged up to teen.  Now to crunch on getting the last couple of scout badges and making sure they work on their aspirations and grades.  Caitlyn is our heiress per the generation two poll that was done.  Now for some makeovers!

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