OWBC Generation One Chapter 1

Eating with her twin

We have moved on to the fun and adventure of Generation One!  Marielle has taken over the role of head of household and Juniper has been relegated to the background.  Since Juniper has finished all of her requirements, her role from here on out will be to take care of the kiddos that come along while Mama is working on her Scientist Career.  Juniper has quit the Detective Career and another Heir will finish that requirement.  Devon has completed his aspiration and moved in with Lyndsey! Good bye, guys!

So let’s get to the new Generation!  Marielle went out and met the man that will be her Baby Daddy!  Don Lothario!  He makes such pretty babies!

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The first babies were born, twin girls!  Ashlee and Caitlyn came into this world on WinterFest Day. What a gift!

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Here are these beautiful, potential Heiress’!

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Family Photo before the twins arrive.

Some fun in the snow after the babies! Before the Toddlers!

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Toddler time!

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