OWBC Founder’s Generation Chapter 1

Juniper Skelton just wanted to be a doctor.  She worked hard to accomplish that goal.

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During her career march, she met the man she believes to be the man of her dreams, Kengo Hasegawa.

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They spent a ton of time together, doing fun stuff.

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They took their relationship to the next level and the inevitable happened!

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Then one day, Kengo came over angry. He stomped through the house and destroyed the doll house.  Juniper got so angry that she yelled at Kengo and told him to get out!  She broke up with him in anger!  The next morning, she regretted her actions and tried to get back together with Kengo.

He was not having it!  Juniper was so upset that she made a bigger mistake.

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She met and hooked up with Otis Bellamy, an evil, jealous man who seems so nice.  And then she found out another baby was on the way. No matter how much she tried to make it work, she just couldn’t stop thinking of Kengo.  So she finally told Otis that she needed time to think.

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Once Otis left, Juniper couldn’t help but call Kengo to come over.  He promptly came right on into the house and Juniper set to making up with him.

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The question now is… How to break up with Otis and get back together with Kengo without Otis flipping his lid?

…To Be Continued…

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