Grider DiTFT – Days 50 – 60

Connor maxed out all of his toddler skills, so he is free to do what he wants. Which looks like playing in the cabinets.

Playing in the garden.


Because Samantha still has things she needs to do, the kids come play with her while she is fishing.

And when she goes to explore space,

he cries!

Because now Travis is also working at becoming an Astronaut,

Connor is just not happy most of the time.

Caitlin could give a rip if the parents are around as long as she has her toys.  And since she is maxed on all her toddler skills, too, she gets to play all she wants.

And when Samantha is at home, she is playing with her garden.  Here she is shaping her Bonzai bush.

Not pretty, but oh, well.

She found Sylvan Glade,

and decided to get into shape as she has put on some pounds in her pursuit of her goals and after having a couple of babies.

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