Grider DiTFT – Day 40 – 50

The time came for the couple to try for a baby and they finally conceived.

They spent the last of their days as a couple just hanging out together.

And then it was time.

Connor Grider has been born.

He quickly gets to work on maxing those skills out since the requirements say he has to.

He loves it when Dad reads him to sleep.

And hanging out with mom!

Samantha is pregnant again because, why wait?  She is hoping for a little girl this time.

Travis can’t get the hang of the rocket ship, though he needs to find the path to the planet that has all the alien plants on it so Samantha can finish her plant collection.

But it is difficult!

In true second child fashion, we don’t have any pictures of her as a baby.  But the new addition is Caitlin Grider.

Who has a definite personality!

Working on Maxing those skills!

As do Travis and Samantha.

Family picture!


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