Grider DiTFT – Day 30 – 40

When Samantha felt she was far enough along in her goals, she decided it was time to get married.  She popped the question to Travis, and he said…



So the Wedding was planned!

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And finalized!  What a blast!

Samantha was exhausted by all the festivities and just had to take a quick nap!

Wedding night! Though nooboo’s would have to wait!

Samantha has maxed out her gardening skills, but now it was time to work on her fishing skill.

Wherever there was water.

Every night!

And then there was Herbalism!  And Samantha’s ambitions were pushed onto Travis and he has to study his Handiness skill and max it out so he can get into those hidden areas that require a level 10 Handiness.  He has objectives that he has to meet in this family, too. (Updated Generation One Post!)

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