Grider DiTFT – The 1st 30 Days – Chapter 1.1

The first few months were difficult for Samantha, with cheap appliances and no cooking skills. She spent this time with a sore back from a cheap bed, and her sink and tub were always springing a leak.  Though she was miserable, she pushed on.

She was determined to work hard and have that beautiful, productive garden she always dreamed of.

She planted seeds she bought from the store.

She studied every day!

She cared for her garden every day, without fail.

Then she met a strange lady named Jasmine who gave her a special, magical stump and told her to find some magic beans… After finding all the beans and watering the stump, the tree became this big, beautiful portal!

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So in she went to explore. When she came out, she had a Forbidden Fruit in her pocket… She ate it and…

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She became a PlantSim!


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She continued with her goal of having the perfect garden, it just seemed to come easier now. Though her body did strange things, and she needed water and sunlight more than food, she continued working in her garden and studying hard.

The effects of the Forbidden Fruit only lasted 5 days and then Samantha was back to herself again.

That’s when she met Travis Scott.  He was very attractive and they hit it off immediately.

They were the only ones in the room, as far as they were concerned!

The spent a lot of time together, but Samantha had a goal and marriage wasn’t part of that just yet.

So they hung out whenever they could… At the gym…

At the club…

At Samantha’s house.

But the garden was Samantha’s main focus.

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