Demented Pearls

Scattered by A Confused Mind


Today is a sad day.  My grandfather, known by all the grandkids as Papa, passed away today, December 29, 2013.  I remember him as a big man who always made me happy, even though he was not one to make people happy.  He was always bigger than life to me and I loved him so much.  When I was a baby, I didn’t so much as crawl as scoot and he started calling me “worm” and has continued calling me that all my life.  I remember the stories he used to tell us kids, which would make my grandmother, Nanny, holler at him that we didn’t need to hear those things.  Normally the stories were off-color and highly inappropriate for youngsters, but I didn’t mind.  I wasn’t listening to the stories so much as to him.  He seemed to take such joy in his grandkids.  There are so many memories that are coming to me right now.  The big satellite dish out front, stoning the tarantula’s in their front yard, Buchanan Lake, the fishing boat, the fact they always had a camper and Papa went hunting every year.  Picking beans and snapping them.  His pipes. The smell of a pipe always reminds me of Papa.  Christmas Eve.  Every year. They came to our house and we went Christmas light viewing.  While we were gone, Santa came!  The FOOD… There was always food to eat and laughter.  I appreciate when he let me and my husband move in and how Papa used to say I was better than that man and how he let me stay with him when I left my husband.  And he promised me that his gun was loaded and ready for use if he came around looking for me.  He said he would always protect me.  I am going to miss him so much!

Rest in Peace, Papa.  I love you and am glad you are back with your wife!  Wait for me!  I am not done living yet, but one day, when the time is right, I will get to see you and Nanny again.

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