Days have become so monotonous but today I have hope that things will change. I live for those days I have something planned. But what is weird is that I get in the middle of doing something outside of my home and find myself longing for my couch and computer. And solitude.

But let’s talk about the crazy Texas weather. This morning I needed my sweater and my jacket to walk outside and less than an hour later I needed my shorts. It’s January, for criminy sake!!! Make up your mind, Mother Nature!!! Of course, this kind of weather just means that the summer heat will be unreal. Bring on the heat stroke!! But for right now, it is nice to feel the gentle breeze and smell the freshness of the air. Walking outside at night, the stars are so bright and look like I can just reach up and pluck one out of the sky. I can only go try that during commercials, because my absolute favorite show has started again and it is on right now! And that show is…

AMERICAN IDOL… woot woot!!!

My reflections on this beautiful January Wednesday just over a week from my 40th birthday…

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