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I like to write poetry and scenarios using a story format to express emotions.  One of the ways that I deal with an emotion that is too big for me to deal with all at one time is to create a character and back story that showcases a particular feeling.  The stories do not indicate any specific experience that I have gone through, they are just vehicles to express my emotions.  Most of what I write is a bit dark and depressing because I write from the depths of my soul and I am never really moved to write when I am happy.

As I go along, I will add more stories from my archives; however, I have not had any inspiration to write for a very long time as I have been content and happy with my life. As of 2023, I think I finally found stable ground with my emotions and within my life now that I am over 50 years old, own my home, have a stable job, and figured out I just don’t GAF about other people’s opinion of me.

Don’t be afraid to submit my work, with proper credit, to another site or person if it touches or moves you.  Please be sure to include my name and date, if date is available, when submitting my work.  

Thanks and enjoy your readings!

My Ramblings