Christmas and Santa 2012


Nov 29, 2012

I remember as a child, on Christmas Eve, my grandparents would come over and we would all pile into a car (seat belts were not an issue back then) and go see the lights while one or more of the adults stayed home to let Santa into the house as we didn’t have a chimney.  When we got home, there were all these presents.  I don’t remember when I stopped believing in Santa but today I had to stop and wonder why I don’t believe anymore.

I believe in God, and I believe that He sent His only Son to us in the form of Jesus who then died on the cross and after three days of battling Satan in Hell, He rose again.  I believe that His blood washes my sin away so that I can walk in the presence of God one day without sin to separate me from Him.  Yet there is no real scientific proof that any of this happened.  I just have faith that it did.

Even when there are people out there who don’t believe this.  Just as there are people who don’t believe in the magic of Santa.  So why do I believe one and not the other?

Santa may not be real, but then again, God may not be real either.  But whichever way the truth lies, I have to have something to hold onto so I believe that there is One out there who CAN heal people and who CAN solve the worlds problems.  And maybe sometimes He uses Santa during the magical time of Christmas to bring about those wishes that live deep in our hearts.  And sometimes He doesn’t give us what we long for so desperately because He has better things in store for us.  I don’t believe in a fat man in a red suit with a white beard flying through the air on a sleigh with reindeer, but I do believe that the magic of our Lord visits us every day if we are vigilant and are open to the possibilities.

And sometimes that visit comes in the form of Santa.  At Christmas.  When we are more open to wonder and delight of magic.  And the possibilities of wishes.

Everyone should have something they can hold onto when life looks bleak and they are weary of carrying their heavy loads.  Christmas is supposed to be a time of magic, when people should stop and reflect on their lives and be thankful for their many blessings.  We get so caught up in the gift giving that we forget that we have already received the best gift of all.








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By Deanna