Avalon Legacy, Ch 8.3

03-11-16_7-46-35 PM

Dakota was really curious about ghosts after his wife died. So he went and found him a pretty one.

03-11-16_7-50-49 PM

They got to know each other pretty well before the night was over.

03-11-16_7-32-02 PM

He was shocked, later, when he came home to find Destinee naked.

03-11-16_7-33-01 PM

So shocked he pee’d on himself.

03-12-16_8-20-51 AM

Not understanding the dangers of the wishing well, he made a wish for happiness.

03-12-16_8-36-29 AM

He survived the hilarity, but not old age.

03-12-16_8-37-12 AM

Finally, some sadness!

03-11-16_8-56-36 PM

Destinee found the first person to forget her troubles with.  Her first girlfriend.

03-11-16_9-06-52 PM

And since she broke up with Leo, she was desperate for love so found another boyfriend.

03-12-16_8-38-43 AM

Eight full generations have been here and passed on.  And that poor soul, Beckett lies in the family cemetery as well.


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