Avalon Legacy, Ch 8.2

03-03-16_11-48-36 AM

Alisha spent a great deal of time with her grandson, Beckett.  Playing chess…

03-03-16_11-52-22 AM

And eating…

03-03-16_12-06-36 PM

Beckett and Kiana liked to do their homework together… but this picture is the last you will see of Beckett… Alive…

03-03-16_12-12-36 PM

Because he caught fire…

03-03-16_12-13-13 PM

And Destinee was too concerned with her own safety to try and help… She ran out the door.

03-03-16_12-14-29 PM

So of course, he died… tragically… unexpectedly… and with no sadness from his family… AT ALL!!  Until…

03-03-16_6-07-15 PM

His mama, Destinee, released his spirit.  And then it was a short lived sadness.

03-03-16_6-42-38 PM

Life went on pretty much the same as usual.

03-03-16_6-16-39 PM

No one seemed to miss the little boy who used to run these rooms.

03-04-16_12-03-35 PM

Alisha took to space and came home naked…

03-07-16_4-32-48 PM

Kiana grew up to teen.

03-07-16_6-14-43 PM

Did her homework, with intensity.

03-08-16_4-11-00 PM

And started working on her Curator aspiration.

03-08-16_2-20-30 PM

Destinee became an astronaut and started exploring space.

03-09-16_9-26-35 AM

Wonder if she met a man up there, and that is why she is wearing an evening gown to explore in?

03-08-16_3-01-35 PM

Dakota aged up to elder.

03-08-16_2-50-33 PM

Alisha couldn’t leave that d*mn wishing well alone, so she became a ghost… luckily not for long.  But she seems to set dinner on fire every time.

03-03-16_11-59-48 AM

Destinee finally maxed out fitness.

03-10-16_5-53-20 PM 03-10-16_5-53-23 PM 03-10-16_5-53-27 PM 03-10-16_5-53-37 PM 03-10-16_5-57-13 PM 03-10-16_5-57-23 PM 03-10-16_5-57-29 PM

That wishing well was the death of Alisha.  She wished for happiness, and he gave her hilarity, and she died laughing.




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