Avalon Legacy, Ch. 8.1

02-29-16_9-59-46 AM

Destinee spent a lot of time talking to her dad.

02-28-16_3-23-01 PM

But she spent more time pursuing her aspiration of Serial Romantic.

02-28-16_3-25-20 PM

She was unsuccessful for the most part, because she chose the worst times to go on dates.  She kept falling asleep on them.

02-28-16_8-23-03 PM

She found Leo, and he was more patient than the others.  And shared her evil trait.

02-28-16_9-05-55 PM

It took some doing as she would do a romantic interaction and then be mean, but with strict guidance from Someone, she managed to get to the first kiss stage.

02-29-16_1-12-31 PM

Then the pregnant stage.  This is baby #1 of generation 10 of the Avalon Legacy.

02-29-16_10-46-34 AM

She kept him around for a bit, until baby #2 was born.

02-29-16_10-30-26 AM

Beckett was born and Destinee immediately made a goofy face at him.

02-29-16_1-20-45 PM

Beckett Avalon is a whiz kid who likes to steal.

02-29-16_10-47-44 AM

As with the other people in this household, Destinee could not check her anger and ended up breaking up with Leo.

02-29-16_11-49-04 AM

So she moved on.  Yet again, she is having a hard time building the romance because of the mean and evilness in her heart.  She has stalled on her aspiration at this point because she can’t seem to talk nicely to the guys.


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