Avalon Legacy, Ch. 8

02-29-16_2-33-42 PM

After the passing of both Cammie and Rowan, life went on for the Avalon family.

02-29-16_9-51-56 AM

Dakota and Elisha satisfy the requirements for their jobs by raising Charisma and Studying Opponents.

02-29-16_9-52-13 AM

Elisha gets done with her part and wants some personal time with Dakota.

02-29-16_9-52-45 AM

He seems receptive, but then tells her he has to get his Charisma built up if he wants that promotion.

02-29-16_9-53-21 AM

Elisha didn’t like that one bit!

02-29-16_9-54-46 AM

Which started a shouting match, which is quite common in this house.

02-29-16_10-00-03 AM

Dakota yells at Destinee because she got pregnant with her boyfriend.

02-29-16_1-12-31 PM

Destinee had little Kiana.

02-29-16_10-45-18 AM

Meet Kiana Avalon. A loner and rambunctious scamp.

02-29-16_11-37-03 AM

Dakota did not like Destinee’s boyfriend at all, so he gave him a tranquilizing handshake.

02-29-16_11-38-21 AM

Then sat and waited for him to wake up just so he could torture him more with mischief.

02-29-16_11-38-13 AM

Maybe there was too much tranquilizers in that mixture?

02-29-16_10-02-10 AM

Oh well, he decided to just go work out a little.

02-29-16_10-17-17 AM

And then cook a little.

02-29-16_11-10-54 AM

While the girls danced and had a good time.



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