Avalon Legacy, Ch 7.4

02-22-16_2-15-40 PM

Eliana is the first child of Amaya and her boyfriend Roger. She rolled the first trait of Kleptomaniac, just like her mom.  She is also a Rambunctious Scamp.

02-22-16_3-26-35 PM

Dakota tried to woo a lady from around town, but his Evil mother, Cammie, had fought with all of them so when they would come to the house, she would antagonize them and a fight would break out and they would leave.  So he went to Legacy Loves and found Elisha Fields.  She is Mean, Ambitious, Goofball, and Business Savvy.

02-22-16_3-36-08 PM

They went ahead and got married quickly.

02-24-16_10-03-35 AM

Elisha became pregnant with their one and only baby, Destinee.

02-24-16_12-32-28 PM

Time to go have this baby!

02-24-16_12-41-17 PM

Destinee rolled the trait of Evil, just like her mom and dad. And she is an Artistic Prodigy.

02-25-16_5-44-58 PM

The cousins are getting along pretty well.

02-22-16_3-39-57 PM

Meanwhile, Cammie is pulling her same old tricks with Amaya of threatening and intimidating her.

02-22-16_3-40-55 PM

Amaya didn’t grow up a wuss, though.

02-22-16_3-41-19 PM

And she attacks her mother to put her in her place.

02-22-16_4-29-14 PM

When Cammie tries to threaten Elisha, she pops her in the head and puts her in her place.

02-22-16_4-29-36 PM

Elisha fits in with this family just fine!

02-22-16_5-01-13 PM

She is a mean one, to be sure!

02-25-16_2-02-27 PM

Amaya works on her logic skill for her Astronaut Career.

02-25-16_6-11-20 PM

While Elisha and Rowan work out.

02-25-16_6-25-56 PM

Amaya and Roger get together in the hot tub and…

02-27-16_5-46-11 PM

Surprise!  Another baby!


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