Avalon Legacy Ch. 7.3

02-20-16_5-37-20 PM

After having the last baby, Cammie decided to work exclusively on becoming Public Enemy #1!

02-20-16_5-40-08 PM

She heads off to the park to intimidate and threaten anyone she came across.

02-20-16_5-41-46 PM

Which leads to some pretty serious fighting.

02-20-16_5-41-55 PM

People are scared when she comes to them.

02-20-16_5-43-01 PM

Of course, there are those who aren’t as scared and when Cammie threatens them, they pop her in the head, which surprises Cammie greatly!

02-20-16_5-43-35 PM

And they will jump her instead of the other way around.

02-20-16_5-44-22 PM

Cammie always seems to triumph in the end, though.

02-20-16_5-55-55 PM

Back at home, her innocent (cough, cough) children do their homework together.

02-20-16_7-26-19 PM

And then all head out to the park to see what trouble, cough, uh, I mean to socialize and have fun.

02-20-16_11-20-28 AM

The Family Cemetery has become overgrown and neglected, which makes Dakota sad.

02-21-16_8-23-05 PM

After the poll vote, there was a tie between Dakota and Amaya, so I made the executive decision to have a dual heirship this round.  This is the new family after the Spares all moved on with their dejected selves.

02-21-16_7-09-02 PM

Amaya had a high school sweetheart so she immediately got to work on producing an heir.

02-22-16_2-09-37 PM

And Eliana is in the house!


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