Avalon Legacy, Ch. 7.2

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The whole family sits down to watch a movie… Well, no, they don’t all sit down at the same time.  And they continuously talked throughout the whole thing.

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Though Cammie and Rowan are Evil, and Criminals, they love their family and spends as much time with them as possible.

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Either eating with them, or helping them with their homework.

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Sometimes work gets in the way of that. Though they look dashing together in their life of crime!

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They are both enjoying their evil lives so much.

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They love having dance battles, though Cammie wins every time.

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Because no matter how evil you are, an Evil Pregnant wife is worse than any evil you can think of. Especially one who is on her 5th pregnancy.

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Rowan appeases his angry wife by talking about their Evil Plans.

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And they both laugh maniacally at them.

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Cammie really wanted a large family, so this is baby number 6.

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Cammie has Ariel, and Mallory is happy to have a new sibling while, Margarita is sad.

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Cammie is so happy to NOT be pregnant anymore that she does a fire dance and plays in the bonfire, still in her hospital gown.

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And even when her first born twins need a cake for their birthday, she loves to laugh maniacally. Of course, here she is laughing that way because she has had all of her babies and is no longer pregnant.

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Rowan celebrates by sabotaging the toilet.

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The twins… Aydon and Dakota.

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