Avalon Legacy, Ch. 7.1

02-17-16_10-14-37 AM

Yahir is desperately trying to get to the top of his Comedian Career.  He practices…

02-17-16_10-14-43 AM

And practices… And he finally makes it!

02-20-16_1-50-05 PM

Cammie works hard at making Yahir angry enough to have a Cardiac Explosion.

02-20-16_1-49-59 PM

And she waits for the results…

02-18-16_8-17-08 PM 02-18-16_8-17-14 PM

Which are successful!

02-20-16_1-07-36 PM


02-18-16_8-19-36 PM

Six Generations have lived and died… Which leaves Generation 7 in charge. Mwahahaha!

02-14-16_10-31-08 AM

Yahir and McKenna Avalon

  • Yahir – Show Stopper Comedian, and Joke Star (Completed), Comedy maxed out
  • McKenna – Celebrity Mixologist and Master Mixologist (Completed), Mixology maxed out



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