Feb 6, 2012
Marion “Mom” Dermody 2/7/1929 to 2/2/2005
I sit watching you
Counting your breaths
I always knew
I’d be faced with death.
Afraid to look away
That I’ll miss the last
Wishing you could stay
And not have to pass.
Knowing you have to go
The Lord you will meet
Time moves so slow
And yet it speeds.
While I sit here
Measuring your pace
All I do is stare
With love at your face.
This is goodbye, Mom,
I’ll remember you with love
Until the Kingdom come
And I’m with you above.

Dedicated and written for Marion “Mom” Dermody who passed away from lung cancer on 2/2/05, five days before her 76th birthday.  I love and miss her!
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