May 20, 2023

A lot has happened in the last 7 years. I will give a quick recap.

2016 – 2020 : Started working as a substitute teacher with Midway ISD. Health is on the mend.

2020 : Pandemic: Lost the sub job due to the pandemic. Started working as a Restaurant Supervisor part time until I received an offer for employment with Central Freight Lines. Went back to college for a BBA in Supply Chain Management. Health has been holding steady, though I started getting chronic Kidney Stones and have entered Stage 3 Renal Failure.

2021 : Central Freight closed their doors in December of 2021, so on the hunt again. Kidney stones only appearing about once a year.

2022 : Started working at HCSC, AKA Blue Cross Blue Shield. Took time off from College as I ran out of money. Kidney stones are getting more frequent. Had to have surgery in June and December for the stones.

2023: Still working for HCSC, looking at future opportunities there. This may be the company I stay at until there is no breath left in my body. I love this company. Looks like the urologist found a medication that keeps the kidney stones in check. Yay!


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By Deanna