My Story

I was born to a military man and his wife as the third child with another child to follow (he was adopted).  We have lived in some really odd places, such as Korea and Alaska, and have done many interesting things because my parents were very willing to take on new challenges and experience new things.  At present, they have been married for 59 years and are still going strong!  I have a sister and two brothers, Teresa, James, and Danny who are all very successful in their chosen careers.

I enjoy playings games such as The Sims 4 and Lord of the Rings Online, reading Nora Roberts and JD Robb books, and playing pool.  I have a passion for my furbabies Soosung AKA Sunny, and Calypso AKA Psycho. This name (Soosung) means the planet Mercury in Korean, and I chose this name because his mother’s name is Nova, which means star.  I call him Sunny because he is midnight black but has a sunny personality. Pixie passed away in March of 2019 at 2 years old to Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  This completely broke my heart and it took a long time to get ready for a new baby.  I wasn’t ready, yet, when in November 2019, I found my newest addition to the family, Calypso.  She is WILD!  I started calling her Psycho!  She is such a joy to have in my life!

Come take a walk through the Confused Mind that fuels this page!

My Sims

Sims are the Spice of Life!

When I am not working, playing pool, or doing schoolwork, I like to play Sims 4.  Sometimes I like to play legacies or challenges, though more often than not, I am entering competitions on my favorite forum, Boolprop .  All you have to do to follow these stories is click on the link below!

My Sims

My Ramblings

<a href="">My Writing</a>

I like to write poetry and scenarios using a story format to express emotions.  One of the ways that I deal with an emotion that is too big for me to deal with all at one time is to create a character and back story that showcases a particular feeling.  The stories do not indicate any specific experience that I have gone through, they are just vehicles to express my emotions.  Most of what I write is a bit dark and depressing because I write from the depths of my soul and I am never really moved to write when I am happy.

Don’t be afraid to submit my work, with proper credit, to another site or person if it touches or moves you.  Please be sure to include my name and date, if date is available, when submitting my work.  If my writings help, please drop a comment to let me know how it helped or just that it did.

Thanks and enjoy your readings!

My Ramblings