Generation Seven, Creative Thinking, Brittni (Smallwood) Lahela

Welcome back!  This is Brittni’s story.  A bit more in the style of the beginning of this challenge.  Just normal living.  Well… Almost.

Brittni is the first generation to be able to go to college, and she decided to take full advantage!  She met Duane Moon while at the college bar one night.  They hit it off pretty good.  She also met some other guys.  But Duane was the one she focused on.  She was excited for the possibilities.

He called her up a few nights later and asked if she wanted to go on a date.  Her answer was “uh, yeah”.  So off they went to the bar.  The music was pumping, everyone was dancing and having a good time.  Brittni had a tad too much to drink, as did Duane.  Feeling bold, Brittni asked Duane if he wanted to visit the nearest closet.  He was definitely amenable to that idea.  However, things didn’t go so well.  Seems the Woohoo was very bad.  Extremely bad.

It didn’t take long to figure out that her fun, not so fun, time had consequences.  Seems the next generation heiress is on her way.

Brittni decided that she needed to experience all that college had to offer.  (I chose this particular activity because of the weirdness that has been happening IRL centering around toilet paper. LOL)

It seemed to happen in just days, but it is time for the baby to make her appearance. Alexus Smallwood is our Generation Eight heiress.

Because things went south really quickly, and surprisingly, with Duane, Brittni decided to see what would happen with another man she met the same night she met Duane. Here is Manuia Lahela.

She asked him to move in and he said yes.  At first, it was strictly a roommate situation.  He had his own room and Brittni took it really slow on this relationship.  Though not too slow.  After the first term of college was over, Manuia and Brittni took there relationship to the next level.  They did this on their own without help from me.  I was hoping to either not have any more children, or to wait until both Brittni and Manuia were out of college.  Life does have it’s own idea though.

Justice had reached the top of her career before Brittni became a young adult, so I haven’t been paying attention to her.  She got a bit thick and since she didn’t have anything else to do, I had her work out.  Over and over again.  Did you know that when you work out during a heatwave, it could be fatal?  Found that out. It was fun Justice.  See you on the other side.

Not long after, the second baby, Gwendolyn, was born.  Recap. Alexus is Duane’s child and Gwen is Manuia’s child.  She has no real purpose in this game, so she is just in the house.

I don’t take a lot of pictures while playing because this game is more for me rather than for public consumption.  I am documenting so that I can earn the EPIC medal from Boolprop. 😀 So Alexus was a Top-Notch Toddler, and spent her childhood working hard to complete her aspiration and to get her A in school.  So hard that she took her sleep where she could get it.

Two children in the house, two college students, Jazmin (Brittni’s little sister), and Leonardo (Brittni’s dad), life gets hectic.  Finally, Brittni gets around to asking Manuia to marry her. He said yes!

It took a few days before the elopement happened, which finally took place between classes in front of the school building.

And then they immediately started on homework before the next class started.

Here is the family as it stands right now. Left to right: Alexus, Manuia, Leonardo, Brittni, Jazmin, and Gwendolyn.

Jazmin became a young adult.  They enjoyed one last family meal together before she moved out.

Manuia knew his days were numbered so he decided to enjoy them to the fullest.  He put the hot tub to use, taking advantage of the aromatherapy option.  That’s the fumes around him.

Pretty soon, his number is called.

The new family portrait.

Before long, both Manuia and Brittni graduated from College.  Manuia came into the household on the last day of the first term.  He had done nothing for school.  He ended the term on probation.  Manuia graduated with good grades, but they could have been better.

Brittni made straight A’s.  She graduated with all A’s and an almost perfect GPA.

Brittni immediately got a job at level 7 in the writing career.  She wrote beautifully and finished her aspiration a day before she became an Adult.  In fact, she wrote so beautifully that she earned 2 awards.

Manuia joined the acting career, but things just weren’t working well (the game has a bug in the acting career) so he switched over to a media Influencer.  He had to work really hard to get his name out there.  He hosted a meet & greet to help get him some more fans.

In a relatively short period of time, Brittni accomplished her goal of reaching the top of her career.

The girls became teens a few days apart.  A family portrait.

Alexus became a Young Adult and enrolled in college.  Gwen took a few more days and then she moved out.

Brittni became a Global Superstar!  Her placement ceremony.

Manuia became a Global Superstar as well a few days later.  No pictures of his ceremony.  He aged up to elder and then retired.  He also stepped out of the limelight (can’t stand the “react with disgust” even with his own kids.)

With so much free time on his hands, he decided that he was going to start repairing broken electronics and appliances instead of just replacing them.

Unfortunately for Manuia, his inexperience was not good for him.

This left just Brittni and Alexus left in the house.  Big huge house, just the two of them.  Brittni then aged up to elder and did as Manuia did.  She stepped out of the limelight and retired.  She had accomplished a lot.  Completed 3 Aspirations, reached the top of her career, raised two children.  She had a lot of experience under her belt.

She figured out that the Archive Machine would allow her to contribute all this knowledge that she has amassed so that she could benefit those that come after.

(I cued up for her to contribute all the knowledge that she had.  Then went to Alexus as she was about to start her second term of school.  I needed her to get her term papers and presentations done, and then move onto homework.  It always works out pretty good if she does all of that before classes start on Monday. Then I heard this tone that we all know so well.) What is happening?  Brittni???  Are you ok?

I saw Grim show up.  What the heck is he doing here?

OH. Lesson learned.

No scoring.  I will give a final score at the end.  The generations overlap so much I can’t tell you what the score is between each one.  So I will do a final scoring at the end of the challenge.

Stay tuned for Alexus’ generation!

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