Generation Six, It’s Just Business, Justice (Vatore) Smallwood

Justice becomes an Young Adult and takes over the challenge.  But that doesn’t mean that Journey is done.  When we left Journey’s story she was pregnant with Patchy’s baby. Laurent was the son that she had.  I use the randomizer to get the names for each new child.  I thought this was a funny name for the one child that was not born of a vampire.  (Laurent was a vampire that showed up in the Twilight Saga.  More Info Here)

In the meantime, Justice has started her life.  She met Leonardo Smallwood and immediately hit it off with him.

It didn’t take long for the proposal to come.

He said YES!

Immediate elopement.

This household doesn’t like moss, so Generation 7 is a-cooking.

Here we go.

What the actual ****!  Laurent is on the far right, and the twin girls are on the left and in the middle.  Not sure which is which at this point, but Brittni is the first born and the heiress and Willow is the surprise twin!

The current family. From left to right. Willow, Justice, Bryson, Laurent, Journey, Ryder, Brittni, and Leonardo.  Full house.

Here are our current toddlers.  I can’t find one of Laurent, so it is just the girls.

Brittni, the heiress.

Willow, the Spare

Toddler spam.  Ryder and Bryson aged up and moved out.

I don’t know about what Justice is doing. Obviously Leonardo is a stud muffin.

Harper is on her way!

Brittni and Willow become children.

I need to reassess the 15% on my risky because I think it somehow got changed to 100%.  I do not know when they did what needed to be done, but Justice is chilling on the couch watching TV when I suddenly see confetti.

And Jazmine is born.

By this time the terrible threesome have become teens.


Brittni, Heiress


It seems that when the kids become teens they insist on cooking for themselves.  What happens?

I just had to share this picture.  The looks on all of their faces was priceless.

Journey was having a hard time reaching the top of her career.  I was getting a little desperate because she had just a couple of days left to go and she was still only level 9.  So I broke down and got the wishing well.  Journey asked for a job promotion, and she was granted the wish.  As soon as she went back to work.  Problem was, her last day was before her next day of work.  So she goes back to the wishing well and asks for youthful vigor. Next thing I know, she is a ghost.

Well, that works. She can finish her career and then she has to be reset back to human so she could actually leave the family the right way.

But how does she get back to being human?  Wishing well.  Except that he just gave her an ingredient for Ambrosia.  So Journey had to go fishing to find the Angelfish. She takes Jazmin with her because these are the only two still at home.  Everyone else is at work or school.

Finally, she got all of the ingredients together and made the Ambrosia.

Thankful it worked.

Justice came home that same day with her promotion.  She has reached the top of her career two days after Journey reached her max.

Just waiting on Brittni to become a Young Adult now so she can take over the challenge.  While we wait.


And then death.  Second death by old age.  I have been trying to vary up the cause of death, but this one was just meant to be by old age, I guess.

No scoring this time.

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