Generation Five, Rules Are For Sissy’s, Journey (de Plume) Vatore, Part 2

When we left the last update, Journey and Caleb had just welcomed twin boys into the family.  Ryder and Bryson. After Ciera passed, not only did Caleb move back in, but so did Darien.  We will begin this update with a family portrait.  Darien is the father of Journey, Mackenzie, and Kaelyn.  Journey and Caleb are the parents of Justice, Ryder, and Bryson.  This fills the house up so there should be no more babies any time soon.

Darien moved back in to help with all of the kids, but there wasn’t room for his new wife so she just came over all of the time for some fun time. (I peaked at MCCC before she left each time, and she was definitely expecting after the last visit, so Darien had another baby in another household.)

When there are so many people in the house, you can get so distracted by trying to accomplish something with one sim that the others are on free range.  I tried to go in and get a tree for the winterfest holiday.  Couldn’t.  Why? Darien didn’t get out of the cold, dumbass.

Mackenzie ages up to teen and the problems just intensify from here.

Winterfest is here and since I have decided to just let things happen I am just watching them.  I did ask them to decorate the tree and then open presents.  Other than that, I haven’t told them to do anything.  I am just watching.  And what do my tired, shocked eyes behold?  Caleb and Mackenzie flirting and getting cozy with each other.  He goes to her quite a bit to drink plasma and every time he does, he gets little hearts around his pop ups. A budding romance is brewing with his ex-sister-in-law?  Whatever.

Because of the romance, I hatch a plan for them.  Mackenzie will become a vampire and they will live happily ever after. I had to wait until she became a YA, which sucked. LOL

And then wait while she transformed.

And the transformation is complete.  I moved them both out to their own home so that they could live their lives.

So the new family portrait.

Changes once again. Oh, Kaelyn and Justice are now teens.  They aged up during the time that Mackenzie was transforming.

Life settled down for a little bit and they were all just living life.  I turn the game on now and just play on my iPad while the family does what they want.  I occasionally look up and make them do something for the progression of the game.  Journey is in the criminal track and she only works a couple to three times a week so it gets a bit boring.  She has mastered everything she needs for promotions so it is just a matter of going to work.  Justice is the only other sim I can control, but I don’t do anything with the teen heiress because it leaves me with nothing to do with them when they take over the reins.  So they are all just free ranging.  So imagine my surprise when I look up to this.

And then I had to check, and dammit Journey!  You take this too far!  So now Journey is going to have ANOTHER baby.  With Patchy this time.  I didn’t even know that he could get sims pregnant?  You learn something new every day.

I was so happy that Justice was ready to take over the reins.

I want to put up pictures of the whole family now.

Darien as an Elder, the father of Journey, Mackenzie, and Kaelyn.  Just as a reminder that I got Darien from Teresa, he was one of her sims.

Journey is still a Young Adult.  She needs to age up already. She has taken the criminal track to heart.

Caleb is forever a Young Adult. I did give him a make over as he was just kind of ridiculous looking for me.  All I did was change his hair and remove the funky earring.

Mackenzie as a Young Adult and now hooked up with Caleb. She is Journey’s sister.

Kaelyn as a teen.  She is also Journey’s sister.

Justice as a Child and a Teen.  She is the first born of Journey and Caleb. and is the heiress. She is generation six!  Justice was born a vampire.

Ryder is the first born of the twins belonging to Journey and Caleb.  He was not a vampire.

Bryson is the other twin. He is a vampire.

No scoring as I have continued to play and Journey is still a young adult and has got a long way to go.  So my scores on my scoresheet reflect my current level and not where I was at this point. 😀

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