Generation Five, Rules Are For Sissy’s, Journey (de Plume) Vatore, Part 1

I have been skating along through each generation, just enjoying playing and take a few random shots so that I could write a little blurb for the challenge.  I have been getting a little bored with it, to be honest.  I let Journey decide which direction to take on this ride, because this is the generation that has to make a choice between good and evil.  Since I am randomizing all traits, when she rolled mean as a child, I thought I knew which direction she would go.  Then she rolled Klepto as a teen.  Yep, she wasn’t going for the good side of the equation.  When she aged up to Young Adult, she achieved the trifecta and rolled Evil.  So I gave her the aspiration of Public Enemy, which gave her the added trait of dastardly.  The beginning of her life went pretty similar to the past four generations…for a little bit.  But let’s start her story.

She immediately got to work and since she had to get in a fight, she went right out and did that.

Having set her sights on Caleb, Journey set to work making him her love slave.

They moved on to the proposal.

For a while now, acceptance of a proposal was not assured, so I am always happy when they say YES!

Moving right along, Journey and Caleb tied the knot minutes after the proposal.

Letting no moss grow, Journey took control and started her family.

Let’s refresh.  Ciera and Darien had an oops baby, even though it was against the law.  Mackenzie is her name.  So this photo has Ciera, Darien, Caleb, Journey, and Mackenzie have a family meal.

I have a real fondness for pregnant sims so had to throw in a photo of Journey looking good pregnant.

Things start to get a little more interesting at this point.  Ciera and Darien are still Adults and they have an amazing chemistry.  *Note: I have MCCC set to autonomous woohoo, risky woohoo is set to 15%, and no strings.* I caught them in the hot tub.

It didn’t take long to figure out that there were consequences to this tryst.

*Rewind* Journey is expecting Generation 6 right now, so her response was “What the Hell?”  So Aunt and Niece/Nephew will be born within a day of each other.

It is go time!

And Justice has been born!  (No baby pics, they all look the same to me).  Journey has to perform so many mischievous tasks for her job in the criminal track.  So she dared her dear ol’ Dad to streak, and he did it!!!

I watched him and laughed my ass off!  He comes home and I notice his picture went red? What?  Well life just went to hell while I was distracted by his streaking. Ciera’s picture went orange. What the hell is going on???  I paused the game and saw this.  Where the f*ck are they?

They were in the bush right outside the front door.  Darien caught them as he came back from streaking.  I leaned back in my chair to see how this drama was going to play out.  I am shocked by this.

I unpaused the game and just let it run while my mind was racing.  While I am watching, Ciera and Darien get into a huge fight.

And then this popped up. What is going on?  Has the world gone crazy???

I just can’t.  I had to walk away from the game.  I have never had this happen autonomously.  Of course, I have been a bit a control freak and tend to control every move.  I have very rarely just let things play out. And I think this is the reason I control them so much.  They make stupid decisions.

I come back to the game and it is time for Justice to become a toddler.  She is so adorable.

I guess it was a couple of days between the onset of pregnancies, because Justice aged up moments before Ciera gave birth to her third baby, 2nd illegal.  Kaelyn was born.

Let’s get an overview of the current family. From left to right. Ciera, Journey, Caleb, Mackenzie, Justice, and Kaelyn.  Have you been able to keep track?  Hold onto your hat, cuz this ride is just getting started.

Because the next thing I know, Caleb and Ciera end up in the hot tub together.  And I don’t think it is merely friendly.

Journey came outside for one reason or another at this moment.  I have pretty much taken my hands off of this family at this point.  I think the story will be much more interesting. LOL

Oh oh!  Caught in the act and Journey is not happy about it!

A fight ensues.

And I need you to remember that Journey is mean, evil, and dastardly.  So she can get pretty scary.

During this fight, Caleb stops looking at Journey and I pan out to see Ciera FLIRTING WITH HIM!!!  Behind Journey’s back while she is screaming at Caleb.  And what does Caleb do?  FLIRTS BACK!

That is just too much for Journey.

Kids react to their parents divorce and now I am sad.

Journey kicked out Caleb so the new family is Ciera, Journey, Mackenzie, Justice, and Kaelyn.  Kaelyn becomes a toddler.

Darien didn’t wait long before hooking up with another.

Journey and Ciera’s relationship wasn’t the best after the cheating scandal, and with Journey’s traits, she needled Ciera quite a bit.  So even though Ciera was in peak physical condition, there was no getting past being enraged.  Journey’s face shows her happiness as the misery of another.

Grim posing for the camera.  After Ciera met her end, Grim and Journey struck up a conversation and became friends.  She took a ton of pictures of him.

Just to recap here is the family tree right now. Justice is not shown for some reason, I just noticed that. It must be because I was clicked on Kaelyn.

Caleb came over to see Justice and Journey needed some fun in her life.  She roped Caleb into a little mattress tango.  She figured she could at least use him for that even if she couldn’t be married to the cheater anymore.

Do you remember what I had my MCCC settings on risky woohoo set to?  15%.  FIFTEEN PERCENT! So tell me how the hell this keeps happening??? I am flabbergasted at the trouble these guys get into when they are left to their own devices.  Moving on.

Justice becomes a child.

Journey asked Caleb to move back in so he could help her with the new baby.  He agreed and I gave him a makeover.

We will end this update with the birth of the new baby.  Ummm???

I have to go. I can’t even deal with this craziness right now. Ryder and Bryson are the newest addition to the family.

No scoring as I just don’t know and this story is not over.

Good day.


PSA:  I am writing this amid the shelter-in-place COVID-19 pandemic.  I want to wish all of my simmer friends safety and health during this uncertain time.  I hope this story brought some laughter to your life and allowed you to escape the reality of what is happening in real life.  Remember, wash your hands and stay home!  Let’s kill this virus!

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