Generation Four, Fitness for Life, Ciera (Talla) de Plume

Ciera takes over the legacy as soon as she becomes a young adult.  She knows that this is an important role for their family.  She makes the decision that the longer she can live the better so she immediately joined the athletic career upon graduation.

She also knows that you can’t have a legacy without an heiress.  So she immediately sets out to meet an eligible bachelor to be the father of the future generations.  She talks to a friend of hers, Teresa, and is told about a new resident, Darien de Plume.  She sets out to meet him before anyone else can scoop him up.

She wastes no time at all and moves their relationship forward.  He is handsome and has some great qualities.

She soon proposes and he says… YES!

They waste very little time and start working on the next generation.  Success!

By this time, she has maxed out her body and completed her bodybuilder aspiration.  Child birth is a bit easier when the body is in peak physical condition.  Journey has been born.

As soon as the baby is born, a fire breaks out on the lot. Payton can’t figure out why it got so hot all of the sudden.

Unfortunely, she couldn’t figure it out in time.  Darien panicked until she was dead, and then went and put out the fire.

Time passed and they made it through the death of Payton, though Ciera was depending on her to take care of the baby and then toddler.  Soon Journey was a child and could take care of herself.  I am so glad that she aged up with red hair.  Flashback to Arabella Hatfield, the founder.

Soon, there was a surprise addition to the household.  Ciera had broke the law and got pregnant a second time.

Journey listened to the parents talk about what they should do about the situation.  They had decided to keep the baby and hide her.  Journey learned a very important lesson about the law at this time.  It wasn’t that important. Hmmm.  That mean streak she was trying to hide became all too obvious after this.

It wasn’t long before Mackenzie joined the family.

Since she can’t be controlled, she spent a lot of time unhappy.

Darien tried to make her happy, but alas, it didn’t work.  She was not a happy toddler.

Ciera spent time with Journey all of the time.  Hoping that she would lose the meanness.

They actually spent as much time together as a family as possible.

And then Journey became a teen.  She upped her meanness to stealing.  She loved to lift things and got a thrill when she got away with it.  Every time she left a location, she took a little token.

Ciera then reached the top of her career.  With her bonus money, they were awarded another prize.

They hit a million simoleons.

Darien also reached the top of the entertainment career as a comedian, though he maxed out his skill in guitar.

Journey worked on her handiness with the thought that this would help with her dexterity in lifting stolen goods.  She looks at that knife with speculation. She is kinda scary, to be honest.

As a teen, Journey met Caleb Vatore and decided that she would make him her bit*h, um… husband.



Lowest Generation to become a YA – 5

  • Family Funds – 1,898,528 (18 points)
  • No Fridge Allowed – 1 (3 Points)
  • Make at least 1,000 busking – 1 (3 Points)
  • Discover all potions and inventions – 1 (3 Points)
  • Randomize all Traits – 1 (5 Points)
  • Make it a Matriarchy – 1 (10 Points)
  • Each Unique Gnome – 13 (13 Points)
  • Total Gnomes – 28 (28 Points)
  • Each completed Collection ON the lot – 5 (50 Points)
  • Each creature that joins the household – 1 (3 Points)
    • Ghost – Arabella
  • No Services – 1 (5 Points)
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 1 – 5 (Cooking, Gardening, Fishing, Logic, Handiness) (5 points)
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 2 – 10 (If you count her childhood skills, which I will since that is hard work) (11 Points)
    • Sima – Creativity, Mental, Social, Motor, Painting, Guitar, Gardening, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking
    • Edwin – Handiness, Cooking
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 3 – 8 Points
    • Payton – Creativity, Mental, Logic, Dancing, Robotics, Gardening, Cooking (7 Points)
    • Maurice – Logic (1 Point)
  • Skills Maxed, Gen 4 (6 Points)
    • Ciera – Fitness, Dancing, Gardening, Cooking (4 Points)
    • Darien – Guitar, Dancing (2 Points)
  • Top-Notch Toddler – 4 (4 Points)

Total Score: 191

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