Candy Craig: Generation 1, Chapter 6

Candy has found herself in the criminal career.  She doesn’t even mind paying off the cops every day.  She comes home and spends as much time with her dogs as possible.

She also spends some time with Zillah.  Unfortunately, the hope Candy has in Zillah is a bit short sighted.  She is teaching her daughter all of her bad habits and she is showing signs of following in her mother’s footsteps.  Candy’s paranoia is really getting worse now that she is a shady character.  No one is safe, not even her dim witted son.  She feels like he may be spying on her and she takes him to task for it.  Which makes her happy, of course.  She gets to be mean and she loves it!

Nasir is still running around naked.  It has been years now that he has been doing this.  He has finally quit hiding his insanity and is letting it all hang out. Literally!  Candy is not impressed.

Eve and Zillah have birthdays and Eve finally graduates high school.  (One day she will realize that she needs to shower to be an actress!)

She doesn’t stick around.  With her bags packed before the party, as soon as she blows out the candles, she makes a single phone call and with her career started, she heads out to move in with Ariel, saying goodbye to Dakota on her way out.

Zillah becomes a teen and is getting ready for high school.

And the best way to do that is to eat another piece of cake.  Candy has definitely chosen the wrong child to pick her life up out of the ditch.

Candy can’t stand the earthquakes and every time one happens she is fed up!  One day, she may get the balls to move out, but this demi-god is not holding her breath on it.

Candy keeps trying to practice her pickpocketing skills on her family, and Adam may be slow, but he does know when someone has their hand in his pocket.  He yells at his mom for trying to steal from him.  He’s not surprised by it, but he is pissed.

Zillah and Adam bond a bit and it is like the finally found each other now that Eve has left the nest.  It is just one person out of the house, but it changed the whole dynamics of the place.  Candy was so much happier with one less person to annoy her.

Zillah is a naughty girl.  She was warned early in her life to never try to fix the electronics because that was a good way to electrocute yourself.  She doesn’t listen, ever!  She has fixed the stove, the TV, and the stereo.  EVERY TIME they break.  I can’t tell her to stop, so I let her do what she will.

Adah’s birthday rolled around and she became a young adult.  After graduation, she also moved out and in with Eve and Ariel.  She wanted to be a World Famous Celebrity.  Unlike Eve, she never provoked her mother about her aspirations.  And then there were only 2 left.

Dakota is still protecting the homestead from all visitors. Good doggie!

And Candy spends more time with them than anyone else in the house.  She loves going on walks with them, even in a blizzard.

But it doesn’t matter what she does, the house keeps requiring work.

Life settles in to a more stable routine with Adam and Zillah working towards graduation.  Finally, Adam graduated from high school and then celebrated his birthday.  Since he loved the outdoors and wanted to work in nature, he found a place to live with a single guy who also loved working with his hands.

Candy didn’t even seem to notice that 3 of her kids were in much better shape than she will ever be in.  She was having fun being a criminal until…

While at work one day, she kept getting a bad feeling which she dismissed angrily.  Upon arriving home, she found that her insane husband was out playing in the snow. NAKED!  He had been stargazing, streaking, and making snow angels, all without the protection he needed to stay warm.  Standing there watching him, Candy realized that she didn’t want to stop him.  In fact, she encouraged him to continue making snow angels.  Because he was in the depths of an insane episode, he gladly complied.  Candy watched with glee in her heart.  She didn’t care if this was technically murder, she figured they would never be able to convict her of anything since he started these shenanigans while she was at work.

Unfortunately, Zillah was home and she witnessed her dad’s death.  She was devastated.  She never noticed her mother standing there watching, never knew that she could have stopped it before it went too far.

A couple of years later, Candy started noticing gray hair and lines on her face.  She celebrated her birthday and realized that she was an elder.  She was no longer a spring chicken.  She wasn’t happy to realize that all her hopes and dreams were definitely gone now.

Looking around her place, her eyes fell on Penny and Dakota.  She realized they were getting to be old, too.

And they continued to mourn Nasir.

But Candy had moved on and now that she was a widow, she could pursue Malcolm openly.  They were great friends and he came over a lot, but she could never get him to respond to her romantically.

Unbeknownst to her, Zillah had her eyes firmly planted on Malcolm.  And one night, when Candy left for work, and Malcolm was still there, Zillah made her move.  She lured him into her mother’s room and got what she wanted.  Malcolm told her quite plainly that he could never be more than a lover, and if she was happy with that, he would be more than willing to come visit her more when Candy was away.  Zillah was ecstatic with that.  She didn’t want no stinking husband.

25 years.  That’s how long Candy has been paying her rent with “favors”.  25 years.  And then he goes and dies on her after the last payment.  Hopefully she doesn’t get evicted by the next landlord.

Zillah is pissed that he died at their house.  Candy was just worried about the rent.  She didn’t know if she could come up with the money every month to pay it.  She finally got to a point where her electricity wasn’t cut off every week due to non-payment.

Before winter was over that year that Nasir and Eric died, Candy went outside to get some fresh air.  She noticed the snowpal that Nasir had been building on that fateful night.  Anger engulfed her at his stupidity and she destroyed the damn piles of snow.  Felt better afterwards.

And then she gets a strange phone call.  From NASIR?  How? What? Huh?  He is asking her out on a date?  She says fine and ends up at their hunting land.  She had totally forgot they owned this piece of property.  They NEVER went there, ever, in their entire married life.  She met with Nasir and realized that she did love the stupid man and asked him to be her boyfriend and he said, of course!

Winterfest that year was small and happy.  It was just Candy, Zillah, Penny, and Dakota.  The dogs were very old, so it was probably going to be their last holiday.

Every winter after that tragic one, Candy made a tradition of building a snowpal and then destroying it.  Her and Nasir were still boyfriend and girlfriend, though he would never come to the house.  She always had to go to the hunting land to see him.

The day after Winterfest was Zillah’s birthday, and this was the big one!  The big 1-8!  She was finally a Young Adult and Candy was so proud that she had made it to graduation and adulthood without getting pregnant.  Screw the A she got in high school.  Adam was the only one who didn’t receive an A.  He was stuck at a B.

The End

Points for Generation One:

ISBI Points

  • TH Aspiration Points: 10
  • Child Aspiration Points: 5
  • Passed Out Points: -20
  • Accidental Deaths: -10 (It was murder, but I deducted the points anyway)
  • Births: 20
  • Positive Value Traits: 20
  • Negative Value Traits: -5
  • NTH Earned A Grades: 30
  • NTH Completed Toddler Skills: 35
  • All Random Aspirations & Traits: 10
  • No NTH Points Spent: 10
  • TH Immortalized: 5
  • Total: 110

TPC Points

  • Normal Start: 5
  • Every 6X20 Trailer: 10
  • 30X30 Hunting Land: 10
  • Wedding Party at Main House: 3
  • Every Party that isn’t a wedding: 2
  • Baby Bump Wedding: 2
  • Baby Born before time is up: 5
  • 2 Dogs: 10
  • Payoff gnomes: 19
  • Total: 74

Grand Total: 184

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