Candy Craig: Generation 1, Chapter 4

Finding out that you are pregnant when your newborn is still in the bassinet can cause stress for the most devoted mother.  For Candy, it was a disaster.  After working in her yard for a bit, she went inside and threw away all of those magazines.  She sank down on the side of the bed and cried for a bit while her dreams slipped right on out of her grasp.  She laid down on the bed and just lay there staring at the wall while she allowed this realization to sink in.  The bitterness sank into her heart with a sharp stab of pain.  The feelings of betrayal she felt were overwhelming.  She placed the blame squarely on her doctor’s head, because she could have told her about birth control.  It seemed so simple of a concept, and yet she didn’t know it even existed.  Hearing a loud crash in the other room, Candy closed her eyes and wondered if she could just run away.  Dragging herself reluctantly out of bed to face whatever catastrophe had just occurred, she stopped just inside the bedroom door and took a deep breath.  Opening the door, Candy dived back into the horror that her life had become.

As time passed, Candy became more and more bitter, and this started to affect her health.  She tended to get sick quick a bit.

Before she knew it she had a child and 2 toddlers and her pregnancy was advancing normally, if not with any joy on the part of Candy.  Nasir, on the other hand, was having a blast working with the kids. He took a serious liking to Adah and worked with her quite a bit.

Eve was a happy toddler and Nasir was determined that all of them would have happy lives, despite the sour attitude from their mother.  Eve was feeding off our her mother’s bad attitude and becoming quite boorish.  Candy just couldn’t bring up the emotion she needed to care.

And then Adah turned 5 and was ready for school.  Candy knew that she was going to have problems with this child as she stripped immediately and ran around naked during her birthday party.

Candy was trying desperately to keep up with all the responsibilities, but there were days she just couldn’t make it to bed before she passed out. Normally on the kitchen floor.

Nasir was so proud of his son, and gave him just as much attention as he gave Adah.

Eve didn’t feel left out, though.  She spent a lot of time with her siblings and that was all she needed.

Adah, on the other hand, wished that she could be an only child and she became very hot-headed once she started school.

Candy was really happy on the first day of school and she only had one kid left at home.  Of course, the new one was almost ready to come into the world.

She was born one morning and Candy named her Zillah. Candy took one look at this little baby and the bitterness in her heart moved over just enough to find space for this special little girl.

Of course, Adam was not happy to have a baby in the house.  He was the baby, and he did NOT want to give up that position.  Unfortunately, he had no choice in the matter.

A new baby caused him to get a little clingy and he was up Candy’s ass quite often.

When he wasn’t destroying her garden.  These kids are horrible and are big on making messes.  Candy just gave up on cleaning up after them.  She just did the bare minimum.

When the stove broke, again, Candy was done.  Just done.  She asked for a promotion and a raise at work, and they said sure, why not.  They started training her as a chef.

Candy couldn’t stay away from that bar, indulging in a vice that she had sworn off of once upon a time.

Her bright spot was her garden and Zillah.  She didn’t think she would ever make enough money to get her dreams back, so she had just given up on them altogether.  But maybe Zillah would escape the same fate?  Candy wanted to give her every opportunity to make better choices. Starting with telling her about birth control.  Zillah started growing by leaps and bounds and before Candy knew it she was walking.  She wasn’t always a happy kid, but that’s to be expected when you are the fourth child of a mother who hates children.

Then one day something really weird happened.  Nasir was out showering in the rain, with an umbrella and he got struck by lightening!  Twice!!  That started a period of time where he was acting very strange. His eyes glowed and he was able to bring the lightening! His energy levels were through the roof!

Candy just didn’t care anymore.  She had more important things to worry about, such as a broken tub and her garden.

And getting ready for Adam’s birthday.  He was constantly hungry, maybe because there was never any food around.  Candy was figuring out very quickly that Adam was “special” and not very bright.  It seemed so sudden to now have three kids in school.

Candy would stop every once in a while and look around at her home and family and suddenly she realized that she had a craving for some dogs.  She remembered that they always had dogs growing up and they were a source of comfort for her when her dad was on a tear.  She decided to get some dogs, not one because he would need a companion.  She called up the adoption agency and asked for them to bring over 2 puppies and then had a moment of panic.  Candy remembered that her desire for a dog is what started her life down this horrific path.  In her limited brain power, she thought maybe going through this process again would be the end of her nightmare.  With anticipation, she waited for the agent to show up.  She immediately fell in love with Penny but Dakota was a bit aggressive and he growled at her when she tried to introduce herself.  She said, “F*ck it, I will take both of them”.  With the addition of the two dogs, Candy’s house was full to bursting.

Zillah was so happy with the new additions!  She spent all of her time with them!

While Candy was finding a better quality of drink at the same place that her dad used to go on payday.  She also found some eye candy. She got his number and tucked it into her bra for later. He seemed like he had some money.  Candy was still toying with the idea of running away.  She thought about it a lot.  Now, though, she would take Zillah with her if she left.  The other three would have to stay with Nasir.

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