Candy Craig: Generation 1, Chapter 3

Candy has decided that life is bad.  She has a hidden stash of magazines that she goes through, when she has time, of beautiful homes around the world.   She still wants that big, fancy house, but who has time to think about dreams when you have 2 hungry kids to feed and a husband who refuses to work?  Nasir has come in handy being at home because they don’t have to worry about the cost of daycare, but raising two kids is expensive and having that extra income would be helpful.

Before long, there are two toddlers running around the house.

Eve and Adah love to run and play.  They don’t want to learn the potty or flash cards or any of that silly stuff.  For the most part, Candy lets them do whatever, but every once in a while, on her day off she will make an effort to train them in something.  Nasir is pretty worthless in teaching them anything, so it all falls on Candy.

And then the unthinkable happens again!  Candy starts getting sick in the mornings and with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she takes a pregnancy test.  Dammit.  Another damn kid?  She really has to figure out how to stop this shit.

She takes some time out and plants some more in her garden because that is the only place where she feels happy, anymore.

She does have some good news!  She was given a promotion at work and they gave her 3 new counters for her kitchen.  So the old ones went out into the yard.  Along with some other things she has no need for.  A yard sale is in her future.  Hopefully soon!  Especially with another mouth to feed.

Keeping up with the 2 toddlers she has now is a challenge and she has to go find Adah.  After searching the whole house, panic set in.  Where is that child!  Finally, Candy found her out at the back of the property where the wedding venue has been set up.  The nice thing about this trailer park is that there is a place for the misguided smucks that live here to get married. Candy figures that Adah had lost the race for the one and only toddler bed and had to find another place to sleep.  Why she chose to sleep outside in the rain, Candy couldn’t guess.

And we have a sleep failure due to the pressures of working, raising kids, and being pregnant.  Poor girl.  Can’t figure out where life went wrong.  Thought she had it all planned out but it took a left turn somewhere.  What can she do about it now?  She is stuck with 2 kids depending on her and another on the way.

Scratch that.  We have incoming NOW!

Candy prays to the Gods (who are deaf to her pleas) that this will be the last kid she has.

Adam has made his appearance and Candy loves him so much!  Maybe he will be their salvation instead of their doom.

Coming home from the hospital, she finds that Adah and Eve have been busy making messes.  Putting Adam in his bassinet, Candy sits down and cries.  Just weeps in great gulping sobs.  She has lost her way and can’t figure out how to get back on track.  The pressure pushes her spirits down and the weight on her chest increases.  She just wants to run away.  Her house is filthy, the appliances are always breaking, there are too many kids, and it feels like she is cursed.  Every morning she wakes up feeling like she is being poked by pins and needles, she has kids demanding food and love, the landlord wants his “rent”, the electric company wants their money, and Nasir wants to woohoo.  Putting her head in her hands, Candy wonders who’s to blame for her misery.  Not once did she think that it was her fault.  Her decision making is faulty because she was never taught to make better ones.  She has just enough self-awareness to understand that this life is the exact life she was trying to leave behind when she left her parents house.  And yet, here it is again, only now, it is HER life.  Letting the chaos rage around her, Candy closes her eyes and takes stock of the situation.  She realizes that gardening is not making her enough money.  She immediately quits her level 4 job and applies for a job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant.  Maybe she can become a world famous (rich) chef one day!  She likes to cook, thankfully!  Candy has a new lease on life!  She can still be rich!  With renewed energy, Candy cleans the house and gets dinner made.  She is suddenly very happy!

Since she didn’t start her new job for 2 days, Candy gets everything ready for the yard sale.  The first day of summer is always a good day for a sale.  She loads the table up with goodies and waits for daylight.  She starts the sale and makes a whopping 1700 simoleons.  This makes her happy and she celebrates with Nasir in the only way she knows how.  In the bedroom. The first thing she does is buy a couple more toddler beds since Adah needs one and Adam will need one soon.  She also replaces several broken electronics.  The money goes so fast these days.  Before she knows it, all the money is gone and she got nothing for herself or put any away into savings.

Eve has a birthday and suddenly she is old enough to start school!  Candy is happy about this because it means one less person in the house during the day making a mess, though Eve does come home and makes messes because she is a slob.  Eve has a hard first day of school and can’t stay awake long enough to go to bed.  She passes out on the floor in the living room.

The day after the yard sale, Nasir came in with more hair than normal.  Candy asked him where it came from?  He said that he had swiped some of them money from the sale to go get hair plugs.  He was always embarrassed by the lack of hair and he just wanted hair.

Candy didn’t take that very well, and started yelling at him.  “That money was for our kids and our future!!!  You dumbass!”

One morning in late summer, Candy woke up really sick.  With dread in her heart, she decided to take a pregnancy test.  Sure enough, it was positive.

She decided that this was going to be the last kid, period.  She made a doctor appointment and asked the doctor what she could do to stop the babies from happening.  The doc told her that she could get her tubes tied or start on birth control.  Candy put her head in her hands and cried.  She yelled at the doctor for not telling her this sooner!

Candy went home and worked in her garden to calm down a bit.  She now has a very definite candidate to blame for all her worries.  The damn doctor could have stopped all of this by just telling her about birth control!

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