Candy Craig: Generation 1, Chapter 2

After the wedding, Candy and Nasir settle into life, a little grumpily on Candy’s side.

Candy still has dreams of living in a fabulous house one day with more money than she knows what to do with.  The fact that she is married to a man who STILL doesn’t have a job, and is making no effort to get one is not sitting well with her.

And pregnancy is a nightmare!  All it means is that she will have less of a chance to get that big, fancy house and will have less money for herself.  Kids gotta eat, y’know.  She had grown up watching her dad blame her mom for all the kids, and the kids for his sorry lot in life.  She didn’t want to do that, but she could definitely see where he was coming from now that she had a kid on the way.  The stress is never ending.

She made a vow when the pains of labor hit.  She would love her kid no matter what.  She might hate children, but she was going to love this kid, because it would be her only one.

One kid shouldn’t impact her money that much, right?

Eve Craig was born just 2 days after the wedding, barely missing the “illegitimate” title that Candy carried herself.  Candy was in awe that such a perfect little human could come from her own body.

She goes home from the hospital to find that the infestation has gotten worse!

Nasir has been harassed by both bees and spiders while she was laid up.  And when she got a good look at him, realized that these creatures were not your normal, every day pests.  Nasir had been infected with poison and his life was on the line!  Candy had no clue how to help him so was preparing to say her good byes.

Then she got bit or stung by something and she was infected with the same poison!  Going to her landlord, she told him what was going on and he vowed that he would get someone in there quickly.  But at a price.  Candy did what had to be done.

The exterminator gave Candy an antidote for the poison that cured them both.  It came with a hefty price tag, and all the money Candy had been saving went to save their lives.  Which, of course, left them with nothing to fix the fridge when it broke.  They scoured the classified ads and finally found a cheap one and Nasir went to get it.

Candy found the portable bar from their wedding and decided one drink wouldn’t hurt.  She was trying to stay away from the alcohol because she knew that it stole money quickly.  But one drink now and then wouldn’t be so bad. Right?  (author’s note: I hate that they continually change back into the hospital gowns after giving birth.)

Nasir likes to drink now and then, too.

Taking care of a baby was actually ok.  Candy was pretty good about making sure Eve had food and a clean diaper.  And Nasir.  What a worthless piece of trash he is turning out to be.  He will play with the toys that are for the baby, but he won’t actually take care of the baby!  The whole reason he wanted to “quit” his job was to take care of his kid but then he ignores her?

And it is a little late to be realizing that, now.  Candy is pregnant again, with baby number 2.  Candy reads the positive on the test and puts her head down on the sink and cries.  She just can’t understand how these things keep happening.  What does she have to do to stop the babies from coming?  She didn’t want to call her mom because she figured she wouldn’t know.  After having 9 kids of her own, Candy figured she was just as much in the dark.

Candy is sick about the new baby, so she decides she needs to buy something to pick up her spirits.  She goes and buys a bee hive.

Maybe that will help with the food costs, at least.  Fresh honey is always good for something.  However, beehives take a lot of work.

And bees don’t take well to being disturbed.

During all the shenanigans with the bees, Eve started walking.  And talking.  In her baby talk kinda way.

It seems Nasir doesn’t really like the tiny babies.  He prefers the ones that can actually walk and tell him what they need.  Now that Eve is a toddler, he plays with her and will give her food.

He loves when she throws her food on the floor!  He can play in it and make a bigger mess.

Nasir and Eve spend so much time together, especially since Candy has to go to work every day.  But Nasir is a bit childish and very insane, so he doesn’t discipline Eve when she makes a mess or plays with things she shouldn’t.  In fact, he encourages her misbehavior.

Candy comes home from a long day of work to find the house a mess and the garden needing tending.  She sighs and gets to work cleaning up and doing the chores.  Candy has found a kind of peace when working in the garden.  The act of watering and weeding has been so cathartic for her.

She is exhausted all the time and the tension headache is a constant.  Candy goes to bed at night wondering how she turned into her dad?  Was some cosmic force out to get her?

And then one night, while trying to sleep before work, those special pains hit and she goes back to the hospital to have Adah.  She found an old Bible one day while rummaging through someone’s trash, and decided that the girl names were kinda cool and so that is what she has been using to name her kids.  Eve and Adah were the first 2 women mentioned in the Bible.

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