Trailer Park Challenge, ISBI Style

I have decided to do the Trailer Park Challenge as the first 4 generations of my ISBI challenge.  Two legacies in one!  Have I lost my mind? Yep, that would be an accurate statement.  Here are the rules of the TPC, adapted by Jenn over at, followed by the rules for the ISBI.  Doing it this way means that I will be using the harder rules of the ISBI but following the story of the TPC.  Since this is a 4 generation challenge, I will be doing a different challenge for the following 4 generations, rules will be posted once I get to that point, and then I will play the last 2 generations with ANOTHER legacy challenge.  All challenges will use the ISBI ruleset as a backbone throughout the generations.  Wish me luck!

Sims 4 Trailer Park Challenge

Thanks to Teresa for helping me flesh out the rules and for playtesting.

This was adapted from the Sims 2 version created by Fuzzy-Spork.

Fuzzy Spork says:

The one overlying rule in this challenge is this: If it makes money out of thin air, it’s not allowed! No “deleting” things for money in buy mode, no aspiration perks that earn cash advantages, no career rewards that generate money, and definitely no high level jobs allowed!
This challenge is to get from start to finish with very little cash, way too many kids, some family dysfunctionality, and a knee-slappin’ good time all the way. (*Knee-slappin’ Good Time not guaranteed for all. Results will vary. Symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, hair loss, and uncontrollable swearing.)

This is a generational challenge that begins with a founder and ends when the third generation heir becomes a young adult.

This challenge is best played with Seasons, Get to Work, and City Living. (Pets is highly recommended, but not ultimately required.)

Hacks and game mods that give an unfair advantage during the challenge (especially any that make getting money easier) aren’t allowed. This is a “challenge” after all! Some mods and hacks can actually enhance the game play in this challenge. A mod like McCommand Center can enhance gameplay if you are using it for autonomous try for baby, risky pregnancy, or teen pregnancies.

The Founder: Create a male or female sim in CAS who will act as your founder. You can assign them any traits you like, by randomizing or picking everything yourself. You are also allowed to import any sim to act as your founder as long as they enter this world through CAS without any skills or friends. You must start with a young adult Sim.

Have fun with the clothes and names for this one!

Moving In: Your founder must purchase a 50 x 50 (Normal mode) or 64 x 64 (Extreme mode) lot for their trailer home to sit on.
If you go the Normal route, you are expected to have a full trailer with all building requirements done before leaving the lot the first time. It is considered leaving the lot if you need to use your phone to travel or anything that forces a loading screen.
If you go the Extreme route, your trailer must be complete before the first bills arrive. You may travel freely.

When building the trailer you can arrange the interior walls any way you think is best, and you might want to plan on having at least two bathrooms (though you may only be able to afford one toilet right now) and at least two rooms to act as bedrooms. Keep in mind you will not be able to move interior walls later! You can’t delete walls or build new ones. (There is one exception to this that I will get to in a minute.) Here are the requirements for your first trailer:

The “trailer” must be on a foundation that is exactly 6×20.
Trailer homes do not come with unfinished walls! You must put paint or wallpaper on every interior and exterior wall. (CC is fine as long as it costs at least 2 simoleans.)
Don’t forget a roof! Any roof, pitched or flat.
Each room with an exterior wall must have at least one window.
There must be a front door and a back door, each with a porch that is a minimum of 4 squares which are added onto the main 6×20 foundation after it is built (railings are not necessary right now) and steps for access.
There must be a stove and refrigerator.
There must be at least three counter tops in the kitchen.
There must be a kitchen sink.
There must be at least one toilet and one tub (the tub is required! You can use a tub/shower combo fixture, but just a shower isn’t allowed).
A smoke alarm/sprinkler system is allowed if they can afford it. A burglar alarm is not.
You can add and remove half walls and floor strips at any time after the trailer is built. Adding or removing full walls is not allowed.

I know most of you probably have custom content that costs nothing, but when building the trailer use only Maxis fixtures or CC that is comparable in price to the Maxis items. CC wallpaper is acceptable if it costs at least 2 simoleans.

NOTE: Be mindful of where you build the founder’s trailer on the lot. By the end of the challenge you might have to fit at least two more 6 x 20 trailers on the same lot! Maybe more. As well as an outbuilding or two and maybe a garden and/or pond. Not to mention all that yard sale stuff. Plan ahead.

Splitting Heirs:
This challenge will run for 4 generations, like this:

1. Founder
2. First Heir
3. Second Heir
4. Third Heir

There is a minimum requirement of four (4) pregnancies every generation.
If one pregnancy results in multiple babies, it still only counts as one pregnancy.
More than four pregnancies is acceptable!
Children can be legitimate or from any number of “genetic donors”. Including alien abduction and extramarital affairs.
All children in the main house who are born to the heir or the heir’s spouse are eligible for becoming the next heir, regardless of their parentage.
They can adopt, but the child must be adopted as an infant to be eligible for heir. Adoption does not count as a pregnancy.
Even if they are fathered by the heir, children born to another playable Sim who is NOT a member of the main challenge house are not eligible for heir. If the child is adopted into the main house as an infant, they can be eligible for heir.
The challenge is over when the third heir reaches young adulthood.
Babies can only be aged up on their natural birthday.
Toddlers can be aged up either when they reach level 3 in all skills or on their natural birthday.
Children can be aged up as soon as they get an A in school or on their natural birthday.
Teenagers cannot move out until their young adult birthday.
Knowledge teens can move out if they get an A or 15 total skill points.

Marriage and death: Your founder and every subsequent heir can be any sexual orientation you choose (or they choose). The only requirement is that they find a significant other and get married.
Here are the restrictions:
Your founder and heirs must marry a homeless sim or NPC service sims. No playable sims at all.
Your Sim’s future spouse can move in either before or after they become engaged.
The future spouse must quit their job (if they have one) based on the employment restrictions listed below.
Anything in the spouse’s inventory must stay in their inventory! You cannot sell these items until they have their first yard sale in the summer.
You can pick ONE item out of the spouse’s inventory to use on the lot, and only one. Everything else stays in inventory until the yard sale.
Career rewards the future spouse has already unlocked can be bought and placed on the lot and used. Mood boosters and skilling boosters are perfectly acceptable.
Either the founder or the future spouse must be showing their pregnancy before the wedding can take place! Either during the first or second “bump”. Really, who gets married unless they HAVE to? And being obviously pregnant sure makes it a “have to”, you all.
The wedding must take place before the first baby is born. Don’t wait too long!

The Wedding
There are two options for the wedding party.
Extreme: You can do a goaled Wedding party that costs $1,000.
Normal: A goaled House party costing $100.
The founder and every heir must throw a wedding party!
They can only “get married” while the wedding party timer is still running.
Normal: They must have: The Blushing Beauty Wedding Arch ($100), Got Game Table ($235), four Kindermate chairs ($120), and The Sloop Bar ($700).
Extreme: They must have: Daddy’s Girl Formal Wedding Arch ($325), a bar (any price), any of the four options for a bubble blower* ($530 to $1,930), and four of the cheapest seats, unless you paid extra for the one that comes with seats.
Normal Wedding: If you have packs that have cheaper items, you can use those instead. I am just listing what is needed if you only have the base game.
Extreme Wedding: The Bubble Blower is City Living, so you must have that pack to go Extreme.
Both Weddings: None of the items may be sold. You can leave them on the lot or put them in the family inventory.
You can go Extreme at any time! When you do, you can sell the old stuff at the next Yard Sale.

Other Rules:
If for any reason the heir’s spouse dies before the requisite number of pregnancies have been had, the heir may marry again and pick up where they left off.
There must be photo of the founder, every heir, and their spouses in the trailer(s) by the end. They can either have their picture taken with the camera, pose with the photo studio, or take selfies.
The one grave you must keep on the main lot is the founder’s. Grandaddy or Granny are gonna want to keep an eye on things. Their ghost must be able to roam the lot.
You may not invite a ghost back into the household at any time.
You can move all the other graves to a community lot or keep them at home.
You must purchase the founder a “funeral” outfit before they kick off. They are gonna want to look their best in the afterlife! And while scaring the pee out of your uncontrollable teens.
**This is only required for the founder, you are welcome to get every heir and spouse a funeral outfit as well.

Chances are the future spouse is going to bring some money into the household! Here’s how you handle that:

Any funds the spouse brings into the household can be used right away.
If the spouse brings in a significant amount of money, here is what you have to do:

Up to 5000: Do with it what you like!
5000-8000: Buy one item that costs $2400 total. This will represent the truck and driveway from Sims 2.
8000-10000: Buy one or two items totaling $3200 total. This will represent the truck, the driveway, and the old junker from Sims 2.
10000-12000: You get a doublewide trailer!**
12000-15000: You get a doublewide, and two or three items ($3200 total) to represent the truck, a driveway, and the old junker.

A doublewide trailer is just what it sounds like.
You will build another 6 x 20 foundation attached to your first trailer, so you end up with 12 x 20.
It needs walls and wallpaper just like before (you do NOT have to put more kitchen fixtures, but you do have to add one more toilet).
Now is when it is legal to delete walls in your first trailer! You can open up a length of wall between the two halves of the doublewide to create a larger living space.
You can’t delete any other walls unless they are part of the shared wall between the original trailer and the new one.
If they already have a doublewide, then build another stand-alone trailer on the lot complete with a kitchen and all the required elements following the building rules for the first trailer.

Over 15000: You get your own huntin’ land!

This will be on a retail business lot in Newcrest.

Here are the requirements:
The lot must be furnished and cost at least 5000 less than the household acquired.
The smallest lot you can buy is 30 x 30. Any larger lot is allowed.
Getting a 30 x 30 to cost that much will require putting things on it! Plenty of trees, some tents, a hot pond, toilets, etc.
Keep in mind this is “hunting land” so make it a camp ground or build a small cabin. Make sure they have everything they will need for a full day or an extended stay (toilets, beds, showers, barbeque grills, campfire, horseshoes, etc).
Add whatever else you think the family would enjoy (a swing for the kids, a fishing hole, etc), excluding items that will earn them money. Skilling items and fishing are allowed!

NOTE: If your family purchased this as a retail lot, you can prevent visitors from eating their food and using their toilets by making sure it stays closed. Or set it to “open” if you want guests!
You cannot make this a venue or earn money from it in any way!

IMPORTANT: If your family gains 15000+ and you really need a doublewide trailer and some other things for them, go ahead and build/buy those first.
Use what is left of the money to buy a lot that costs as close to the remaining sum as possible
You can purchase huntin’ land at any time! If they can afford it, go for it.

Raising the Kids:
If you feel like the toddlers need to have all their skills, go for it.
Llamascouts are for children and Knowledge teens. Children may freely work on their scout badges at any time as long as their homework is done and their needs are in the green. Knowledge teens can work towards badges, but this will count against their 5 actions per day.
Teenagers are just completely uncontrollable. Literally. When a child becomes a teen you are no longer allowed to give them ANY commands! You read that right: none. In fact don’t even click on them if you are tempted! (Influence is allowed! USE IT)
Aspirations cannot be rolled for a child until they become a teen. Then you roll a dice or use whatever randomizing technique you usually use to determine which one they get.
You can also use the Random Traits and Aspirations mod. It randomly gives out traits starting from toddler.
Any sim that is given/rolls a Knowledge Aspiration (Computer Whiz, Master Vampire, Nerd Brain, Renaissance Sim) are immediately disqualified for heir! But they get special privileges:
Unlike the other teens, you ARE allowed to give Knowledge Sim teens up to 5 commands a day, BUT these can only be skilling related! If it doesn’t earn skill points, you can’t tell them to do it.
**You can tell a Knowledge sim to do homework and projects and it counts as one of their commands.
**Knowledge sim teens can move out when they have maxed at least 3 skills.
All other teens must remain in the house until they become young adults (This is a long haul! Have some aspirin ready, folks).
Once they reach young adulthood, the spares must move out.
You can make their cake and have them blow the candles out when their age bar is sparkling.
You must conduct an heir poll to determine the next heir before the oldest one becomes an young adult.
**You do not have to enter every eligible heir into the poll, but you must enter at least two of them.
If by some fluke you end up with ALL Knowledge sims, the youngest becomes heir by default and must re-roll their Aspiration if it’s Knowledge, too.
There are lots of ways to get uncontrollable sims to do things without giving them a direct command! Be creative.

Employment, or lack of:
Only one young adult/adult in the household is allowed to work at a time, and it can be the founder, young adult heir, or one of their spouses.
Teens can’t work.
Elders can’t get a job either, but if they have a job already when they turn elder then they can continue to work until they drop dead. Or until they quit. NO RETIRING.

Pay attention now, there are only a few acceptable jobs! Your sims are uneducated and unskilled, they just don’t get to be CEO’s and rock stars.
Culinary up to level 4: Mixologist. $280 a day.
Gardener up to level 5: Petal Placer (Florist branch). $245 a day.
Criminal (up to level 6: DigiThief (Oracle Branch) $344 a day is also allowed, however there are more restrictions for this career!

Criminal Restrictions:
The same Sim must have first worked through Culinary to level 4 AND Gardener to level 5 before they can take a job in Criminal.
In order to keep working in the Criminal career, your Sim will have to pay off the police every day they work. That costs 2 gnomes every work day!
**Yes, every day your Sim comes home from work you have to purchase 2 gnomes out of the catalog. These can be placed on the lot, or stored in someone’s inventory – your choice.
**These “pay off” gnomes can never be sold! Not even at the annual yard sale.
If you Sim is accidentally promoted to higher than level 4 in Culinary, level 5 Gardener, or higher than level 6 in Criminal, they must quit their job immediately. They must also buy something out of the catalog that costs as near as possible to the amount of the bonus they received.
Example: Your Sim is promoted to Stem Cutter and receives a bonus of $650. You must purchase an item equal to the bonus. This item must be placed immediately into the family inventory and never sold or used.
If your sim is fired or quits, they can’t immediately go back into the same career. They have to start in a different career if it’s available. Another young adult/adult sim in the household can start working in their old career, though.

The Annual Yard Sale:
When summer rolls around it’s time to unload that unwanted stuff!

The yard sale can only happen during the summer season. Any day is fine, as long as it’s during the summer.
During this time, your bee boxes should be overflowing with honey. These may be sold only during this time. They can be used by the family any time with no restrictions.
Make sure you’ve purchased the Come and Get it Street Store table or the Selvadoradian Craft Sales Table
You can use the Street Gallery Object to sell paintings.
Each table you buy must have a sim to run it.
All prices must be set to 0% markup.
The sale can only run for ONE day!
The sale can only run from sun-up to sun-down. Sims must clear the tables before it gets dark.
Yes, this means you can hold back-to-back yard sales all day long. You can have one sim hold the sale and alternate with another sim or you may own both the table and wall and have two sims run concurrently (or however many controllable sims you have). No teens allowed.
Anything that isn’t sold this time must be kept around until the next yard sale (next summer) either in the yard or in the family inventory.
You can sell anything that you can put on the table.
Note: I was still getting errors removing items from the table. If this happens to you, just remove them manually one by one.

Taking your items to the Flea Market in San Myshuno is off limits. For some reason, you can add items to the tables there, but you cannot retrieve them. If this ever gets fixed, then you will only be allowed to go there during one day in the Summer and only one sim will be allowed to sell there.
For your own sanity, you might want to lock all the exterior doors to disallow anyone but household members. You don’t need yard sale shoppers eating your food and breaking your electronics!
Anything that cannot be placed on the table/gallery can be sold during build mode at this time.

What to do if you do not have City Living:
You still have to wait until summer before you can sell anything. When summer rolls around, pick a day then use the buy menu to sell everything out of the yard.
This is also the time when you can sell all of the stuff that does not fit.

What to do if you don’t have Seasons:
Keep track of the days and weeks! You can have the first yard sale the third Sunday after you move in and every 3rd Sunday after that.

Huntin’ Dogs:
(Optional) There is one thing a redneck is never too proud to admit: he loves his dogs! So here are the rules for that one (requires Pets):
Before the first heir becomes a young adult, there must be at least two dogs living on the lot. From then on, there must always be at least two dogs on the lot.
Dogs can be acquired through adoption or befriending strays.
You can breed the dogs, but any resulting puppies have to either stay on the lot or move out with a spare.
You cannot sell puppies.
There must be a separate pet bed for every dog. The kids might not all have their own beds, but by golly the dogs do!
The dog beds cannot be inside, but they must be on a covered porch. (which of course requires a large enough porch, with a roof, that you’ll have to build for them if you don’t already have it)
Dog training courses are always allowed, but you may not sell them back at any time.
Other pets are allowed, but you’re not getting any special points for them.

If you don’t have Pets:
You all just signed up as foster parents!
Every generation you must adopt at least one baby before the next heir is a young adult, whether you want to or not. This child will be eligible for heir like any other adopted infant.
Keep in mind that Social Services requires a minimum of 3000 simoleons in the bank in order to qualify to adopt.

Crafting, hobbies, and sundry:
All hobby items are allowed.
They can use any crafted items in the household, but the rest should remain in their inventory until the next yard sale.
Scouring the world for collectibles is allowed. Any decorative objects your sims find can be used on the lot. Everything else can remain in the inventory until the next yard sale.
Rummaging in the garbage bin is allowed. Anything you find can be used by the family or sold during the yard sale.
If you have it, the wishing well can be used for friends and love. NO wishing for money.
All supernatural sims are allowed.
**Optional (for use with random traits mod): If you get a vampire aspiration, then your sim must become a vampire to complete it.
Sims can write novels, jokes or music, but you cannot self-publish or do any action that would gain you royalties.

Keepin’ up appearances:
Tents in the yard are allowed and can be used by anyone.
Broken electronics cannot be repaired. You must choose to replace it if and when you can afford to.
**Remember: Rain will break your electronics, so don’t leave any outdoors.
Broken plumbing is the only thing that can be repaired.
If you get new furniture or plumbing, or upgrade the appliances, you cannot sell the old ones! They have to go outside in the yard until the next yard sale. (Some things may require the ‘moveobjects’ cheat in order to put them outside.)
You may store yard sale items in an extra trailer or outbuilding on the lot. These can also be sold in buildy/buy mode, but only during the yard sale.
You can redecorate the trailer as often as you like.
You can’t sell windows or doors, but you can add new ones. If you don’t know where to put the old windows, doors, and ceiling lights, then maybe it’s time to build a garage out of the scraps.
Garden ornaments are highly encouraged.

Service Sims and delivery:
No nannies, butlers, or maids allowed!
Daycare is allowed.
You CAN hire a gardener, DJ, Entertainer and Mixologist.
Hiring a repairman is at your discretion and only for broken plumbing. Make sure he can’t access any broken electronics! Fences and locked doors are your friend.

Nit-picking tidbits:
Aspiration rewards are allowed EXCEPT money tree seeds.
The lottery is banned.
Fortune aspirations are not allowed.
You can sell date and other party rewards in buy mode at any time. You earned those suckers.
If you receive presents in the mail, you may keep or sell these at any time, but not seed packets. They can be opened and planted or sold at the next yard sale.
Harvest Day Gnomes: You can collect all the seed packets and open them, but you have to plant the seeds or sell them at the next yard sale. The gnomes must be left on the lot or put in the inventory until the yard sale. Then they can be sold.
Father Winter/Winterfest presents. If the present is worth less than $200 you can freely sell it. Anything else can be kept and used or sold at the next yard sale.
Your Sim can perform for tips, but only during a party at home.
You sim can perform music for tips only during a party at home.
Your sims can give away anything in their inventory to friends, family, or total strangers. It’s not making them money.
Your sims can go on vacation! Had a particularly lucrative yard sale? Time to pack the kids in the truck and head to Granite Falls or Selvadorado.
**Anything you collect in these places can be sold at the Yard Sale only.
**If you do archaeology you must click on the mailbox and select “Prohibit Authentication Mail” as soon as you see it. This will prevent the Archaeology Society from sending you relics to uncover through the mail.
Basically, if they can afford it and it isn’t breaking the “no free money!” rules, then by all means get them anything they can afford. There’s some fun CC out there that will work well with this theme. Have fun with it!
Clubs are allowed at all times. Banned perks are Rally the Troops and Networked Club.

Your score starts at zero.

Shotgun Weddings and Parties:
+1 For every house party for a wedding in the main house. (Normal item requirements).
+3 For every Wedding party at the main house. (Extreme item requirements).
+2 For every party you throw that isn’t a wedding. (Must meet Normal or Extreme item requirements).
+2 For every heir that marries while they or their spouse are showing a baby bump.
+5 If the spouse brings between 500 and 1000 simoleons.
+5 If the baby is born before the wedding party timer runs out!
+10 If the spouse brings between 100 and 500 simoleons.
+15 If the spouse brings less than 100 simoleons into the house!

-5 If the baby is born before they can get married.
-5 If they can’t afford or forget the party item requirements.

Raisin’ Them Up:
+2 For each legitimate pregnancy. (Multiples count as one pregnancy.)
+3 For each illegitimate pregnancy.
+5 For each pregnancy that results from an alien abduction.
+6 For every infant adopted into the main house.
• This includes required adoptions while playing the challenge without Pets rules.
+10 For having at least two dogs living on the main lot before the first heir is a young adult, and always having at least two dogs on the lot thereafter. If at any time you have less than 2 dogs on the lot, you lose these points.
+1 For each dog that was adopted in as a stray.
+1 For every puppy born and raised to adulthood on the main lot.

-8 For every dog taken away by Pet Services.
-10 For every child taken by Social Services.
-10 For every teen death, whether they are successfully saved from Grim or not.

Home Sweet Home:
+5 For a Normal start.
+10 For the Extreme Start.
+2 For every item representing the junk car present on the lot at the end.
+3 For every item representing the pickup truck on the lot at the end.
+10 For every 6 x 20 trailer on the lot! (Doublewides would count as two).

Huntin’ Land:
+10 For every 3×3 or larger lot the family owns as “hunting land” either in the neighborhood or in a vacation ‘hood.

Workin’ For A Living:
+1 For every pay-off gnome remaining on the lot at the end. (Please note: The gnomes must be placed immediately and left on the lot for the duration of the challenge to earn these points. If you chose to hide them in inventory at any time, they do not count. If they are locked behind a fence, they do not count. Gnomes will likely be stolen! Whatever remains in the end is what counts.)
+2 For every young adult/adult sim who successfully works through all three careers up to the allowed job level without being fired or demoted , and without a break between jobs.
+10 For going an entire generation without anyone being employed! Counting from the time one heir becomes a young adult until the next heir becomes a young adult. (These are cumulative points. If you go two generations without anyone working that’s 20 pts, etc.)

-5 Every time the employed young adult/adult is promoted to a higher job level than what is allowed.

Money for nothin’:
+10 If you end the challenge with less than 1000 simoleans in their account.

-10 For every 1000 simoleans in their account at the end. Round down: 1800 would be minus 10 points, and 2500 would be minus 20 points. Etc.

ISBI Ruleset for The Sims 4 by Lynnwood


Create a YA sim, give them whatever looks, traits and aspiration you’d like. Some like to play with the Erratic trait rule, I personally do not. If you do, then one of the traits given to your founding Torch Holder MUST be Erratic. They can be ‘human’ sims, aliens or vampires, your choice.

You will be playing on NORMAL lifespan.

Move your TH onto a lot. There is no restriction on which lot that can be. Build them a house, import a house from the gallery or let them live on the lawn for a while – whichever play-style you prefer is fine. This should be done with the standard 20,000 starting simoleons. Whatever you have left after purchasing property and house, that’s your starting funds. If at any time you move in a single sim that brings an extra 20,000 simoleons into the household, it is PREFERRED that you use the money cheat to delete that (because it’s kind’ve cheating for the 100,000 simoleons point gain, but I’m not going to enforce that one strictly). You may freely choose 3 lot traits for your home lot, but once chosen they cannot be changed. So pick wisely!

Find a spouse/baby-maker (human, alien or vampire). This can be anyone your sim can manage to woo; townies, premades, even sims you’ve placed into the neighborhood yourself just for this purpose. They must be asked to move in or married IN-GAME however, not placed into the household via Manage Households. Other than that, everybody’s free game.

Once you’ve acquired your mate, have some kiddos. Adoption is fine, but they must be adopted as infants. Adopted children can be considered for the next Torch Holder.

When you receive the notification that it is a sim’s birthday, you are allowed to age them up via birthday cake (see Free Actions below).

Now let them live their lives and try your best not to reach through the computer screen and strangle them as they commence to peeing themselves/passing out all over the place.


The ultimate goal is to survive 10 generations of sims while only controlling one sim at a time, and keeping score throughout.

Each Torch-Holder must have at least two children. You don’t HAVE to get married, but doing so increases the chance for more points (and more failures). If playing with the Erratic trait rule then each child MUST be given the Erratic trait at some point. Otherwise all traits and aspirations should be randomized. Pinstar’s Legacy website or Platinum Simmers has a great randomizer for doing so.

Throughout the challenge, only ONE sim may be controlled by you, and that’s your current Torch Holder. All other sims must live on complete autonomy, to live (or fail) as they will. Obviously this means that sim autonomy should be turned on in your game settings at all times. When the child you’ve chosen as heir reaches YA, the ‘torch’ is passed to them and they become your controllable sim. Your former TH enters the land of autonomy and you are never allowed to control them again. There are some Free Action exceptions to this rule, see below for details.

Once a child reaches YA and they are not your heir, they must be moved out of the household.


If you’d like to take the challenge one step higher in difficulty, then these rules should also be followed;

You are not allowed to utilize the ‘Hand of God’ (aka click-dragging items such as dirty dishes or inventory items). Anything in the game must be managed or manipulated by the sims themselves, either your TH or a life-stage free action of a NTH.

You are not–at any time or circumstance–allowed to hire a Nanny, Repairman, Gardener, Pizza Delivery, Maid or Butler.


The following is an updated scorecard, modified for changes in TS4 as opposed to its predecessors.

Self Wetting : -5
Pass Out : -5
Failing School : -5
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs : -5**
Accidental Deaths : -10
Fires : -10
Social Worker Visit : -15

Single Birth : +5
Twins : +10
Triplets : +15
Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): +5
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (Child and Adult) : +10
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers : +5
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members : +10
NTH children (Child and Teen) earning an A in school : +5
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs : +5**
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (Teen and YA/A/E) : +10
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : +10
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : +10
Every 100,000 simoleons earned* : +20
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : +5 [This can be done in a number of ways. Write a biography (writing skill level 10), paint a painting from reference of the sim at 8+ painting skill, or take a picture with a 5+ photography skill in the Torch-Holder’s honor. Done to remember your THs on through the generations. ]

*You can calculate total simoleons earned in 2 different ways. 1 – go to build mode, click on the info box and add the lot’s total value to the family’s simoleons on hand. OR 2 – go to your achievements and check the Rosebud achievement, which tracks how many simoleons have been earned over-all in that save file.

**These are in reference to the new earned traits from the Parenthood game pack. Negative traits are Bad Manners, Uncontrolled Emotions, Insensitive, Argumentative and Irresponsible. Positive traits are Good Manners, Emotional Control, Compassionate, Mediator and Responsible. If no traits are earned, then no points are awarded or taken away.


Every sim in the household has one free action per age category. (PLEASE NOTE : this is an EXTRA free action that can be ANYTHING in the game. This does not mean you can only use one of the following free actions per age-category. The actions listed below are ALWAYS allowed to be done whenever and however many times you need to).

You may choose to “Claim” a bed with every sim ONCE to assign specific beds to specific sims. This can only be done once. After that, they’re on their own.

You may choose to quit job/retire for any sim you don’t want working, and are allowed to assign sims to specific careers as needed.

You may choose to “Change Into…” out of sleepwear, (because I get tired of seeing them in their underwear/PJs ALL DAY).

If you have an alien sim, you may choose to change into and out of their Human Sim Disguise freely.

You may change tones while at work/school as needed. Whether or not they actually attend or leave early is up to the sims themselves.

You may choose to take vacation days or family leave for NTHs via the phone.

You may Choose an Umbrella from the umbrella stand, if purchased.

When you get the notification for infants that it’s their birthday, you are to select the bassinet (with your Torch Holder) to age them up. When all other sims’ age bars reach 0, you are allowed to click on a birthday cake to age them up OR click the cake with your TH and choose to ‘Age Up…’ (select sim). Baking the actual cake and adding candles is up to your TH however.

You may choose to take a Pregnancy Test with NTH female spouses to determine if there is a pregnancy. This CAN be discovered without the test with time, but I can see how the wait would be a little annoying since there are no chimes anymore to tell you yay or nay.

Once a NTH spouse goes into labor, you are allowed to choose to go to the hospital, and may then ‘Check-In’ at the front desk. All other actions at the hospital must be autonomous. If at home, you must wait for the labor to end naturally (the timer to run down on its own).

You are allowed to purchase and drink ONE youth elixir per sim, per lifetime. (HOWEVER, doing this with a NTH spare will negate the +10 points for not using AP in that generation).

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