Candy Cain: Generation 1, Chapter 1

Being poor is a state of mind.  And that state of mine has permeated the Cain Family for generations.  Candy was raised in squalor and filth her whole life.  Visiting with family gave no relief from that lifestyle; in fact, it reinforced it.  Candy has a desire to be able to sleep in a bed of her own without sharing with siblings.  She wants to walk through a house that didn’t shake with every step because the foundation was falling apart.  Money was something that Candy craved because she had seen how it helped people live well.  She had a problem though.  She had no clue how to GET money.  Her family barely scraped by and didn’t strive for anything better.  They had fallen into the rut of going to a job that didn’t pay the bills just hoping that they could eat that day with the lights shining down on them.  More often than not, the lights were cut off and food was scarce.  It would have helped if her father hadn’t drank his paycheck before he ever got home.  He blamed the kids for his woes, and his wife for having them.  He was a mean son of a bitch and didn’t mind taking his frustrations out on his kids.  Candy got adept at avoiding him, but once she got bigger, she didn’t mind going toe to toe with him.  He respected the grit she showed, though it pissed him off to be challenged in his own home.  Once Candy turned 18, he kicked her out of the house to fend for herself.  She had to quit school so that she could figure out how to support herself.  Maybe she could get a job? She liked to garden, so that is what she will do.

And she knew she would need a house.  But how would she get a house?

She decided to rent an older mobile home over in Willow Creek in the Garden of Eden Mobile Home Park.  It was not the nicest place, but she figured she could get a job and get something better as soon as she was raking in the dough. And the owner didn’t mind trading “favors” for rent.

Candy wasn’t opposed to paying rent that way, so in she moved.  It was a tad big for her, being a 3 bedroom 2 bath place.  She figured she could get a roommate or something and that would help with the bills.

The day she moved in, she realized that she had a huge area for a dog and called to adopt one.  Instead of a dog, though, she found Nasir Craig.

He was close to her age, though he was a bit old looking.  He had a rough life, too, and they got to talking and realized that they had a lot in common.  The hung out for a while until Nasir had to go back to work.  Deciding not to get a dog just yet, Candy let him go back with the puppy.  But she couldn’t get him off of her mind, so called him up and invited him over after his shift.  He was glad to come over and hang out with her.

And thus started their love story.  After work every night, Nasir would come over to hang out with Candy.  Eventually, they progressed their relationship to boyfriend and girlfriend.

Because Nasir was living in the park, Candy told him he could move in with her.  He had been saving his money from his job to one day buy a house, but true to form, instead they used the money to buy hunting land.  Why?  Neither one were interested in hunting, but Candy convinced Nasir that it would be a great place for them to go when the stress of life got to be just too much.  Because of Candy’s background, she was a bit paranoid and there were times she felt that the whole world was against her.  And she felt that having a separate place for them to go would help with her moods.

Then one day, the worst happened.  Candy got pregnant.

This was not part of her plans.  Being raised in a household of 11 made her hate the idea of children, so this stressed her out to no end.  Nasir was ecstatic, though!

Candy spent the next several months moping around.  And to make matters worse, the house seemed to be infested with all manner of creatures!  Bees attacked her in the morning followed by bats soon after!

Where the hell did they come from?  Candy and Nasir made the best of the situation and hoped that it was a passing problem.  They continued to build their relationship, though Candy was quickly losing her rose colored glasses.  Nasir had quit his job when she found out she was pregnant so that he could stay home and take care of the baby.  Candy was not happy with this plan because she wanted the money.  He told her that he would get a better job if it would make her happy, he just wanted to be with his family as much as possible.

With the false promises ringing in her ears, Candy decided it was time to make their love permanent and asked Nasir to marry her.

He said yes, of course!

But Nasir had a secret.  He wasn’t ready to share that with Candy just yet, because he knew she was a bit mean and might ridicule him for it.

Then the spiders showed up.  They attacked Nasir over and over again!

But that didn’t stop them from getting married!  They had a beautiful wedding.  A high school friend who was going to cosmetology school did Candy’s hair and she found a gorgeous dress at a rummage sale.

They did all the traditional activities of a wedding, though the guests knew this was anything but as there were BATS flying through the air and attacking them!

Fortunately, the landlord was there at the wedding and he was attacked, too!  He vowed to get an exterminator there as soon as possible!


To be continued…

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