Boone Town ISBI

And It Begins

Rylie Boone

Rylie Boone is just another Young sim who has dreams of being successful in her career, having a man to love, and a family to raise. Unbeknownst to her though, she is about to embark on a ride like no other. Her guardian angel, Anya, has made a bet with another angel, Boyd, that her charge can do it all by herself. Who will win this bet? Is Anya correct and Boyd will owe her his spot at the buffet table? Or will Boyd win Anya’s prized Dodo bird?

Setup and Rules


Hi! My name is Anya, and I am a guardian angel. I am assigned to take care of sims, once they hit Young Adulthood, navigate through this world. I protect them and their family throughout the generations. My newest charge is Rylie Boone and she needs more help than the others because she is Erratic and doesn’t always make the best choices. However, I am going to see if she can do this whole thing without me. You see, my friend, Boyd, another guardian angel, bet me that she would not do well at all. He has been after my prized Dodo bird for eons, and he thinks he can get it this way. I was weak and said yes. I think I may regret this decision.

A Place to Call Home

Rylie’s Place

Rylie took the small inheritance that she had and started building a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. She couldn’t finish it, but it gives her a place to lay her head at night and food in her belly, when she has the money. She has entered the Painting Career for now so that she can earn enough money to eat, hopefully. Her house traits are Homey, Child’s Play, and Private Dwelling. I am hoping those work well for this challenge.

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