The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, Week 7

Divinity Everlasting

And we are within reaching distance of finishing this challenge.  Divinity has almost made it through the minefield of teendom and is about ready to move on with her life. But first, a party so she can meet people to become friends with.  This a Black And White Bash that ended in Gold! The two not in black and white are the unwitting hosts of this bash. LOL

Divinity came home from school pissed.  So she watched the season premiere…

And then wrote in her journal to calm down.

She then threw a humble dinner party with Johnny, Chevy, and herself as the only guests.  Gold again!  Though the outfits of the guys get a negative rating.

She then throws another Spooky Party, this time at home with a carving table so that she can hopefully get a gold.  I love her costume, though Chevy is seriously creeping me out, right now.

She carves a pumpkin.  A white cat with a smiling face.

What would a spooky party be without a few tricks?

Then it is time for a campfire party!  Gold it is!

Another house party at someone else’s house!  This one was Gold, too!  This makes the last party of the challenge!  What will our heroine do now?

Lucas Munch has always been her preferred man, so she calls him up and invites him over.  He becomes her boyfriend once again!  Chevy is not impressed.  He starts yelling at both of them as soon as Lucas said yes.

Then, because Divinity can now grow up, she asks Lucas to be her husband and he said YES!

First kiss as an engaged couple!

They elope immediately… in a blizzard!

Saying their vows!

Accepting each other as husband and wife.

Exchanging rings.

First kiss as a married couple!

Allowed to age up, finally!

And that concludes Divinity Everlasting’s tale of woe.  Has she found forever happiness, or is she in for more rough seas?  We are going to hope it is happy!

Divinity’s Score: 980

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