The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, Week 6

For the most part, the week is taken up with whatever item needs to be created or thing that needs to be collected.  However, there are times when Divinity will accept an invitation to go out with friends.  She gets a request from an acquaintance one night and she jumps right on that because she does need more friends.  They go out to a dance party!  Divinity wants to talk to Yuki before they go in, so they hang out on the pier for a little while.

Yuki even let Divinity feel the baby!  Divinity is definitely NOT ready for that responsibility, but it was cool to feel the tiny being kick!

Now it is time for some dancing!

And, as always seems to happen at these dance parties, a damn celebrity showed up and gummed up the works!

Divinity goes home and gets to work on what really matters, finishing up some books.  These are nice source of extra income that she can put towards her college fund.  And hopefully, her future.

Chevy is not happy with her gadding about until all hours and is yelling at Divinity.  She finally has enough and yells back.  He is shocked!  You can NOT talk to me that way, young lady!

HarvestFest rolls around and Divinity cooks a grand meal, but Chevy is asleep on the couch and doesn’t come to eat with her.  That’s fine, she eats by herself after appeasing the gnomes.  The seed packets they leave will help her finish her garden.

At the party, Divinity had met Johnny Brand and she kinda liked him.  The fact that he is married doesn’t bother her anymore.  She knows that if she wants him, he will leave his wife for her eventually.  She snuggles with him after seducing him into bed.

She may be sick, but she is enjoying being close to someone again.

They leave the bed to go to the stinky leaf pile to woohoo.  This has a glitch in it, and it doesn’t matter which family I am playing, when they go to the leaf pile to woohoo, it causes a last exception error.  I tend to have to close out of the game and restart it.

First snow of the year!  Chevy and Divinity have worked out their issues to enjoy it together.  They are still BFF’s, even with a tiff here or there.

That concludes Week 6 of Divinity’s life as an orphan.  She completed her book requirements this week! Here are her stats at this time.

Divinity’s Stats:

  • Job: Backhoe Operator (+10)
  • BFF: Chevy Laggard (+10)
  • Boyfriends: 4/4 (+10)
  • Friends: 7/13
  • Money: 13,000 (+10)
  • Frogs: 3/13
  • Fish: 6/13
  • Books: 13/13 (+10)
  • Pictures: 13/13 (+10)
  • Recipes: 13/13 (+10)
  • Skills: 13/13 (+10)
  • Plants: 13/13 (+10)
  • Parties: 4/13
  • Sick Days Used: 0/3 (+30)
  • Days Played: 22+ (+10)
  • LTHP: 2,395 (+20)

Total points: 150

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