The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, Week 5

Not a lot happened in Week 5 of Divinity’s quest to escape her guardian.  She completed 13 paintings for her walls.

She “just friended” Lucas Munch.  Luckily, their friendship remained intact, so that he could go on her friends list.  Also, she may come back to him in the future because he is pretty damn rich and she likes that after having to struggle for so long after her parents passed away.

She collected over 13 plants that provide income and food for the table.  And tending to the Garden makes Divinity happy.

Divinity is always on the look out for a true love.  She meets Peter only to find out he is an adult and married.  Marriage is not a deal breaker for her, but his age gives her pause since he would die way before she would.

On Saturday, she decides to throw a party over at Don Lothario’s apartment.  He has a nice set up, but no stereo, which only gave her a Silver Medal for this party.  Successful, still as it wasn’t a flop.  This party was a Spooky Party because she wanted to see what everyone would wear.  She went as the Grim Reaper.  There were mailmen and weird red faced demons…

She sang a country duet with a lady who looked like someone off of Star Trek.

They got quite a few “boos” because they were just so bad!

The party did hop and there was a lot of fun had by all.

Food and conversation was plenty!

On Sunday, Divinity started her 6th book and spent the day at the computer, fixing all of the broken stuff, making dinner, and cleaning.  No pictures, unfortunately.  This is a short update, but since I am doing these updates by the week, and she didn’t do much but go to school and work on painting, there weren’t a lot of pictures to get.

Divinity’s Stats:

  • Job:  She is still a Backhoe Operator
  • BFF: Chevy Laggard
  • BF:  She doesn’t currently have one, but she has had 3 of the 4 required.
  • Savings: 13,000
  • Friends: 5/13
  • Frogs: 3/13
  • Fish: 6/13
  • Books: 6/13
  • Pictures: 13/13
  • Recipes: 13/13
  • Skills: 13/13
  • Plants: 13/13
  • Parties: 4/13
  • Sick Days Used: 0 (+70)
  • Days Played: 22+

Points: 140

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