Rob Gadabout: We Have Goals

Before we left for winter break, we found out that Eva was pregnant with another baby! We come back to find that she is almost ready to have this Nooboo!  While we wait, Kolton and Rob hang out for a bit, and then Rob influences Kolton to do his homework, which he goes and does.

Rob cooks an excellent dinner, so Eva has peas and Kolton has a bowl of chips.  Sounds about right.

Ooops, someone forgot to feed the Cow Plant!

What’s happening?  Labor!  Yay!  You can do this!

And it’s a girl!  Meet Kenzie Gadabout!

Rob greets his new daughter!  He loves her!  And hopes she will take care of him and Eva in their old age.

Time flies and suddenly, Kenzie pops out of the crib! Hope your knees are ok, there!

Here is a better picture of our new little darling.

Darling, my ass!  She loves to make messes!

Kolton sees a grand opportunity to mold a little female version of himself.  You can see the plotting in his eyes.  He is a mean child, so it is not unheard of.

Oops!  Someone aged up to teen!  He rolled Evil. So now he is mean and evil!  He only needs Hot-Headed to top it off.  We will see what he gets for his Adult Trait, later.

He loves to beat up the pink bear.  Every day, he comes home from school and beats on the bear.  In the morning when he gets up, he beats on the bear.  This is my heir, guys!  This is gonna be a fun generation!

If Rob catches him, he gives Kolton a time out.  It doesn’t change anything.  Eva could care less.

What?  You started and worked on your school project by yourself?  I didn’t think you could do that?  And are you sick?

Eva goes out and works in the garden every day.  She only does weeding or watering, never harvesting.  She will also research plants and talk to them.  I think this is kinda cool, because I have never told her to do anything.

Kolton teaches Kenzie her flash cards.  He is hoping for a little partner in crime, I guess.  He dotes on her.  He is always working with her on something.

Must be HarvestFest!  This is always fun for me, especially when I have a gardening sim.  Free plants! Kenzie, why are you getting off the couch?

Oh, because it is time for your birthday to child!  She rolled bookworm and she is a Happy Toddler.

Kolton, Kolton, Kolton.  Tsk, tsk.  Setting the house on fire!  Luckily for you, this did not diminish the house below the required amount or you would have been in serious trouble!

Looks like Panic at the Disco up in here!

Rob goes to put out the fire and ends up in the fire!  Kolton, I am so glad you didn’t kill your dad!  That would have given you a taste of killing I am not ready for you to have yet.  Rob managed to get the fire out, and once everything was replaced, the value of the house returned to normal.  Even with the fire, the amount was still above the 30,000, but I like having that cushion.

Rob is baking a birthday cake.  Time has really flown in this game (speed 3, baby!) and it is time for Rob and Eva to become elders, and for Kolton to become a YA.

Rob gets to blow out his candles…

And become an elder.  He promptly retires from his job, that he was a PhD of Pollen at. He can concentrate on his own garden now.  Eva has to age up naturally, which will happen in another day.

Due to interpretations, I understand the rules to say that Age Up interactions are ok, which means that Kolton can blow out his candles, too.

And become a Mean, Evil, Loves Outdoors Sim who is not only Responsible and a Happy Toddler, but Insensitive as well.  This, guys, is my heir to go to the next house.



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