The Garden Legacy: Gracie Grace, The Final Chapter

Hello and welcome back!  This will be the final chapter of this entire Garden Legacy!  We have reached the end of a journey that has seen its ups and downs.  Let’s close out this Legacy with this final chapter.  I wish there was more of a bang with it, but it just kind of ends. So let’s get to it.

Max spends a lot of time making messes, and when he gets caught he is told to clean it up.

Sirius continues to spend time with Maxwell as a child.

Gracie works hard on her charisma.  I don’t even let her get dress.  She has been cussing me for several days now.  I tell her too bad, so sad. Suck it up buttercup. You will be free of my evil clutches soon as you FINISH!

Gracie and Sirius spend quite a bit of time together.  He plays while she eats.  The only way she was allowed to leave that mirror is that she finally maxed out Charisma.  She can eat and then she is going to be chained to the chess table.

When they don’t catch Maxwell making a mess, Sirius cleans up.  He is the only child, dumb ass.  You know he did it!

You know what is crazier?  Besides the fact he is OUTSIDE mopping the ground, the craziest part is that it is RAINING!

And then tragedy struck.  Xavier has passed away.

Gracie finally hangs out with Maxwell, too.  About time, girl.

David comes over and hangs out with Sirius.  They have become really good friends.

Then it is off to work.  Please, please, please come home with a promotion, Gracie!

Maxwell came home from school angry.  No chance cards popped up, no phone calls from the school.  Don’t know what happened, but he was PISSED!

Then David called and asked Gracie to come to his birthday party.  Weird.  These are triplets and David aged up 2 whole days before Gracie and China.  But we went and Gracie invited the WHOLE family!  We got to meet Ange.

And Ranger, as teens.

Almost the whole gang is here!  David, the birthday boy, had to run down to the awards ceremony to get his award, but he will be back shortly!  The only other person we are missing is Xavier.  RIP, Dad.

Here is David’s little daughter!  She got along with Maxwell so well.  They spent the whole party playing together.

This is the best way to host a party.  Have an entire apartment at your disposal but don’t use it!  It is forbidden.  Everyone MUST congregate in the bedroom to hang out.

Dammit, Gracie.  This was not what you were supposed to do.  You have a freaking goal and you are off fucking around and getting PREGNANT???

I am so mad at her, I get absolutely no more pictures until it is time to pop that baby out.

She has been here before, so she is not as awestruck or scared.  She is just miserable and ready.

Meet Trinity Grace.  Another beautiful color for a child.

Gracie spends some time with Trinity at home before she runs off to work.

At this point, I set the clock to speed 3 and let them do whatever they wanted.  I also forgot to check birthdays.  This entire generation has been sad on their birthdays because I have not had one birthday party.  Trinity becomes a charming toddler.  She doesn’t feel charming as she came home from daycare early to age up and neither Gracie nor Sirius were home yet.

And then Maxwell ages up on his own, too.

Sirius just loves his kids.  Even on speed 3, I couldn’t resist this cute scene.

And then China comes over and flirts with Sirius.  He was not happy with her.  He yelled at her and sent her away because Gracie had changed his womanizing ways and he was committed to her.

And then Gracie came home with a promotion.  And we have finished!


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