The Garden Legacy: Gracie Grace, Ch. 4

I really love when the couples autonomously get flirty and are always kissing and hugging.  This couple does NOT do that.  They talk all of the time, but the romance is a bit lacking. Even with Gracie sitting in lingerie. I would say this is NOT the most “awww” couple ever created.

Maxwell!  Why?  And then you cry?  That’s what happens when you break the dollhouse!  You can’t use it! Consequences, bud.  But dad will fix it.

David came over, again.  He came in to greet Sirius and I was like “WTH are you doing?”

Seems “goofball” sims can do a “goofball greeting”. Huh, funny!

For the most part, I am not telling Max to do anything other than eat, poop, and sleep.  The rest is up to him.  And he chooses wisely this time.

And again, he chooses to play with the doll house instead of smashing it.  Smart choice, hot rod.

The Humor and Hijinks Festival came to town.  Gracie went out to see if she could finish some things on  her aspiration (she should be working on her skills, dammit! This aspiration is NOT important!).  She chooses Humor and drinks the tea.  While meeting a new friend.  This one doesn’t have weird teeth, so she hangs out with her most of the night.

A group of the Humor side got together to help them win the festival.  They were making jokes and having a great time!

China showed up so they hung out for a bit, too.  Though not much as China was on a mission to find a man and get her out of that tiny apartment.

HUMOR won!  Gracie watched the Humor Fireworks show and then set off some of her own fireworks!  She had a great time!

Getting home at 3 AM, she had just laid down to sleep and noticed that the clock did not speed up.  What is going on?  Oh, ok.  Just come on in then, and do your thing.  Don’t choose Gracie!!!

Yes, you are going for Sirius! Hey, purple dude! Wake up.  I vant to suck yur blood.

Yes, yes, I am coming.

Hmm.  Something is funny about this blood.  It doesn’t taste fully human.

While this was going on, Gracie was standing over to the side to “see what is happening” and she seemed kinda happy about this strangeness.  If a little confused.  She has led such a sheltered life.  We didn’t have vampires coming into the home randomly to suck the blood from out necks in Brindleton Bay.

Xavier came over and I took this picture because it finally dawned on me that he is an elder.  He was a handsome sim, and he is even more handsome as an elder.  Maybe because I am closing that gap, myself. I look back through the pictures and realize he has been an elder for a little while and I just didn’t notice.

It is 10 PM and Gracie came home from work, ate dinner, played with Max, took care of her bladder and then took a shower.  She gets out looking all polished and sleek just so she can play some chess before bed.  Makes sense.  I would like to see an option to set their schedule so that if they are at the end of their day, they get out of the shower in the pajamas.  Because Gracie is my last generation for this challenge, I went ahead and spent a couple of hours on her wardrobe.  She has 5 outfits per category, with hair, jewelry, and makeup to match the outfit.

Sirius has to take care of the noise problem.  China was not impressed with his anger and told him to get a life!

Gracie has to take a break from Logic skilling to make some business calls.  She is now Vice President!  Level 7, finally!

Without any help from me, because I am not directing either Max or Sirius except for basic needs, Max has maxed out everything but thinking!  There are toddlers that will resist every effort to skill, and there are uncontrolled spouses who won’t do anything with the kids.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case with these two.  I am hoping that I get a TNT out of this!

More Logic Skilling.  Level 9, finally!

A situation has risen at the apartment.  Someone came over and did not leave fully, apparently.  The clock would never speed up automatically when everyone went to sleep.  There were too many people in and out of the apartment on any given day, and at any given moment.  So I did the only thing I could.  I moved the family to the Old Salt house, the only house in San Myshuno.  Here it is after doing a few tweaks to make it fit for my family.



I sent everyone to bed because it was the middle of the night.  The next morning, I was thinking about making sure Max was a TNT, since he was so close.  Before I could do anything about it, he aged up to child!  I didn’t even know he was ready to age up!  Damn!  He was very sad that no one remembered his birthday!

Here’s Max with his limited makeover (no glasses or hats).

And then the Grace’s were INVADED!  WTF?  Where and why?  All these women came into the house as if they lived there.  Sirius went and immediately told everyone to leave.  First these 3…

And then these 2…

With this unwelcome party dispersed, we will leave you until next time.

Gracie Grace’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Complete
  • Hubby: Grand Marshal in the Military, Sirius Grace
  • Career:  Level 8, Business
  • Cooking: Complete
  • Logic: Level 9
  • Charisma: Level 9



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