The Garden Legacy: Gracie Grace, Ch. 3

Gracie is seriously going after Sirius.  She is pulling out all the stops.

And the inevitable happens, and there is a baby on the way!  This makes her happy.  She is hoping, like every woman before her, that this will tie this man to her for eternity!

He’s not exactly happy about the news.  He already has multiple children with other women.  They were safe because they were all married already.  He’s not sure his wife will understand this.  She asked him to move in, and he readily accepted.  Not sure what his wife is going to think.

Sirius is Level 7 Military and one of the things he has to do is order people around.  He starts with his wife.  She is not sure about this, at first.

But she can salute.  She is so cute because she kinda mocks him with her version of it.

Some random woman, neighbor, wandered into Gracie’s home and just started eating their food, making herself at home.  There was NO option to ask her to leave.  So Gracie had some mean interactions with her, hoping she would leave on her own.  What actually happened, the neighbor stormed out the door, Gracie locked it, and this lady stood outside the door and wouldn’t leave.  She pissed all over the floor and stood there disgustingly dirty.  Sirius went out and ordered her to clean up her mess.  And then she stood there with a tanked out hygiene until I went in and evicted both neighbors.  That should stop the problems with the noise, too.

Sirius is trying to get his daily task done, so he orders Gracie to drop and give him 20.

She said, “I ain’t getting my fat, pregnant ass down on this floor, you idiot.”

Gracie asked Sirius to divorce his wife.  Not wanting to do it in his new home, he invites her out to the park, and in true gentlemanly style, divorces her in front of a huge crowd.  Because both their friendship and romantic relationship were so high, this actually made Sirius sad for a couple of days.

He comes home to find Gracie in labor.  Off to the hospital they go.

First child for Gracie, so this is all new to her.  Little does she know, she is about to have a very unique baby.

Meet Maxwell Grace!  A tiny little alien baby.

Well, looky here!  Thanks, TS4!  I needed another award!

Now that Sirius is no longer married, and his sadness has buried itself under the happiness of a new baby, he decides it is time to ask Gracie to be his wife.

Of course, she said yes!!  She had to go to work, so they couldn’t elope right then.  And she wanted Sirius to meet her father.

So Xavier came over and there was a tense moment or two.

When they finally started talking, they both realized they were military, so Sirius and Xavier did a little sparring.  David was just hoping it would devolve into a knock down drag out fight.

Once Gracie came home from work, still level 4 dammit, there was a little elopement.  Xavier and David were still there, but they didn’t participate in the wedding.  Maybe because they married in their pajamas?

Just hanging out with her new husband!

And then it was time for little Maxwell to become a toddler.  Why, EA, why???

A quick trip to CAS and we have a gorgeous fussy toddler!  Who’s first stop was the potty chair!

Gracie is so happy that she snagged her man, and loves hanging out with him.  Poor vegetarian Sirius still can’t get away from the meat eaters, though.  He finally got Gracie to start making some vegetarian dishes for him.

However, with all this activity, Gracie forgot her mission goals.  So back to the chess table, young lady!  You got work to do!

She had given David and Bret a key to her apartment, and she just loves that they show up randomly.

At least Bret is still doing his homework.

Sirius has never raised his own children, so having a toddler in the house made him happy.  He was always with him, either potty training or doing flash cards.

Max wanted to play and even though he was denied the first time, Sirius gave in and played with him.  This was his moodlet after their play session.

Apartment life in the Sims Games sucks.  You evict tenants and they get moved right back in.  I fixed their little red wagon by evicting them AGAIN and then moving in David and his family in the big apartment, and China in the rinky dink apartment.  They still cause noise problems, etc. But now when the neighbors come walking their happy asses into the house and helps themselves to dinner, it is not as annoying because it is family.  However, China is still not real good at house stuff.  She jams the trash chute first thing.  She knew her sister would come to the rescue.

She just watches Gracie unjam the trash, giving helpful (not) solutions along the way.  She is so happy she doesn’t have to do it.

Since China keeps coming over, Gracie pulled her into a game of chess.  Mistake!  They don’t ever leave when you sit them down for that shit.

Stop getting distracted!  Practice Charisma! She said, “Don’t push me!  I will get it done in my own damn time! I want a freaking life!” “We don’t have time for you to have a freaking life!  You are still only on level 5 of your stinking career!”

This is what’s going on beside her while she is practicing.  Xavier and Max are playing, again.

This is the majority of what they do together.

Even when they go visiting China at her apartment.  Yeah this apartment needs a serious makeover!

Come back to see how Gracie does, next time!

Gracie Grace’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Completed
  • Hubby: Sirius, Level 8 Military
  • Business Career: Level 5 (OMG, you are seriously lagging girl!)
  • Charisma: Level 7
  • Logic: Level 8
  • Cooking: Level 8


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