The Garden Legacy: Gracie Colson, Ch. 2

One final look at the new Colson family once the twiplets moved out.

Gracie has moved into the city.  Thanks to a nifty little mod called, Sim National Bank, Mollie was able to take a chunk of money with her when she moved out.  Her apartment is pretty nice.  I wish I could remember to note down the names of things.  I don’t know which apartment she is in, except that she is in the top right hand corner of San Myshuno.  Here is what the apartment looks like before she gets it redecorated!  The existing resident was kinda cute, so I kept him in there with the hope he and Gracie would bond and become more than roommates.  Once Gracie updates the apartment to look the way she wants it to look, it satisfied all of her aspiration goals!  Yay, one less thing on the agenda!

One of the bad things about living in an apartment is the neighbors.  They tend to get loud!

The lady was sorry for causing a problem and will turn down the noise.

Gracie takes a job in the Business world and immediately starts on her daily task.  The good thing with responsible adults is they only have to do this once.  Then they are set until the daily task changes.

Gracie and the roommate spend some time together.  It is not going well, so he ends up moving out.  First of all, he was a teen living by himself and his traits were just all over the place.  Gracie made him a birthday cake and aged him up and sent him off into the wild blue yonder!

First day of work!  That suit is awful!  She started at Level 3 so hopefully this will go by pretty fast!

That evening, she meets one of the neighbors.   He looks promising, but can we do something other than blond?  I am really ready for some color in this family!

David comes over and Gracie gives him a key to the apartment.

And then she sits and watches her big screen TV. By herself. Alone. In the city.  No friends here yet.

She continues to work on Logic.  She needs this for her job and for the Skills Requirement.

On Friday night, David comes over and they hit the town!  Gracie’s new aspiration is City Native, which gave her another trait, Home Turf, and her job gave her Shrewd. One of the activities is to go out and meet new people, so they head out to the local watering hole.  Sing some karaoke.  Badly!

And Gracie tries some new food!

She’s not sure about these sticks she has to eat with, though.

A lady sits down beside her and they strike up a conversation. Gracie notices something a bit weird about her teeth.  Hmmm.  What kind of people live in this city?

Gracie then meets Sirius Grace, a man that is NOT BLONDE.  Sirius moved to the city to escaped his family, he had a couple of kids with a couple of different women, then married another woman.  He has maintained his relationship with all of them.  Gracie doesn’t know this yet, but she might not really care.

The next evening, she asks him to meet her over at another location and they hang out and talk a bit.

Sirius tells her he is married.  She has to think about this for a minute.  She’s pretty sure she doesn’t care, because she has decided that he is the man she wants!  At whatever cost.

She tries another dish at one of the food stalls.

This one, though, was a bit spicy!

Gracie invites Sirius back to her place and they advance their relationship to the next level.  Gracie is determined to win him over and have him leave his wife for her.

A couple of days later, I realize there are still presents sitting around when David shows up and sneaks in a prank gift.  Joke was on him as that was the gift he chose when I told him to open presents. LOL.

David, Gracie, and Sirius hang out.  I got this picture because Sirius’ face is kinda spooky.  I think Gracie has him hooked.  Gracie can feel his demented stare. David is oblivious.

I am not sure what they were celebrating, but they were all happy!  News Year Eve is not until tomorrow!  One of those random holidays that pop up here and there, I guess.

Sirius goes home and Gracie and David try out the Bubble Blower that Gracie bought just for fun. David’s response to seeing it wasn’t happy, though.  Like he knew it was bad.

Gracie tries it out.  But David refuses.  She coughs and spits and thinks maybe this is not cool.  She gets a special moodlet that makes her a bit dazed.

She then goes and gets a drink.  Which definitely makes her buzzed.  So now she is buzzed and high.  Damn girl, this is not how to live in the city!  Or become a success!

Drunk, high, and now you want to sing?  Where is the VOLUME on this thing???  My ears!  I think they are bleeding!

NEW YEARS EVE!  Gracie throws a Black and White Bash and invites her whole family.

Toddler Ange included!  She walked in and went straight to the toilet.  Toddlers, they are so… ummm… cutely disgusting?

While the family was counting down to midnight…

Ange was making a mess.  You can’t see her in the above pic but she is behind China to the right.   Behind the wall.  The pic below, you can see China’s butt.

That brings us to the close of another year in the Garden Legacy.  Tomorrow, we will continue following Gracie to see what decisions she makes that will alter her life, either for the good or the bad.

Gracie’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Complete
  • Married: Not yet
  • Career: Level 4, Can you hurry this up a bit?  I have other Sims waiting for their torture!
  • Charisma: Level 6
  • Logic: Level 6
  • Cooking: Level 7



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