The Garden Legacy: Gracie Colson, Ch. 1

This is the final generation of this Legacy!  I chose Gracie because she was the only triplet to have completed her childhood aspiration who was also a Happy Toddler.  David had Happy Toddler but didn’t finish his childhood aspiration and China didn’t earn HT, though she did finish her childhood aspiration.  While we were waiting for Mollie to finish her requirements, I was having Gracie work on her Logic and Charisma, as she will need them for her new career as a Businesswoman.  For this final generation (I know, I didn’t do this for the others!  My bad!) Gracie needs to complete the following:

  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
  • Marry someone wealthy and living in the City (I might let her get married, but it depends.  And she will be moving to the city as soon as her birthday rolls around.)
  • Reach Level 10 in the Business Career
  • Reach Level 10 in 3 skills of my choice (I am choosing Logic, Charisma, and Cooking)
  • Throw a party every weekend and every holiday NOPE

So without further ado, let’s get to Gracie’s story.  Right now, she still lives at home and is a teenager.  She has 2 days until her birthday.  In that time, I am making sure she does her homework to maintain her A status in school.

And I am also working on her Charisma and Logic.  I want to get them to level 5 before she moves out to the city on her own.  Instead of moving her family out of the house, she will be moving to the city.  This tweaks the rules a little bit, but I have been doing that this whole legacy. 😀 She is level 5 in Logic and is level 4 in Charisma.  Here she is just before reaching level 5 playing Chess.

And here she is right before reaching Level 5 Charisma.  Now to just wait for her birthday!

While we wait, Xavier made it to Level 6 Military.  He looks mighty handsome in that uniform!

Time for another teen in the house!  Bret ages up with Gym Rat, Happy Toddler, Animal Affection, Good, and Athletic.

What’s with the ears? Come on now! I like the hair but can do without the ears. But the hair is not available without the ears. So that sucks. And the first thing he does is fart. LOL.

Here is an overview of daily life in the Villareal household. Bret is doing his homework, David is doing sit ups, Xavier is playing with Ange, China is dancing, Ranger is doing push ups behind the couch, and Gracie is standing on top of Ranger. Like a good big sister would do.  Mollie is going to eat those beans and franks so that she can join the rest of the family in farting and then giggling. Strange sims.

Family portrait time! Left to right – Ranger, China, Bret, Ange, Mollie, Xavier, David, Gracie.  I have to do this periodically to keep track of all of their names! There’s a lot of them!

Another shot of the family.  They are all on Free Willy time, so just getting random shots here and there while we wait for 4 people to age up.  Mollie is back there finishing her dinner, Xavier is helping Bret with his homework, David and Ranger are dancing, Gracie is eating, and China is teaching Ange how to talk. You will rue the day you did that, young lady!

Still on Free Willy time, Gracie gets up the next morning and goes straight to the sparring robot.  Today is WinterFest, so Mollie is in there cooking up a Grand Breakfast.  We are going to get this holiday OVER with quickly.  And then there will be birthdays all around!

Because I thought it was Harvest Fest and not Winter Fest, I had forgot to get them a tree.  So we went with the pre-decorated one and the pile of presents.  The house is not big enough for it, so out on the back porch it went.

First, though, a Grand Breakfast!  And the table is not big enough for all 8 to sit there, so Ange and Bret get to sit on the couch.

Once Gracie is done eating, she goes over and sits with the other two, and gets highly entertained by the toddler.

As only a big sister can be.

Present time!!  Everyone got to open a present, and since it was early morning, I didn’t want to have to wait for Father Winter, so we went ahead and dropped that from the requirements.

With successful holidays all around, we end it and move on to the main attraction!  Birthdays!  As the first born, David gets to go first.  He becomes a Unflirty, Outgoing Goofball, who is Responsible, has some Business Savvy, and loves to chase storms.  He also is very sick.  It has been running through the house pretty fiercely.  I must be infecting them with my ailment.

Next up, CHINA!  She is a Cheerful but Lazy Hot-Head, but she was a Happy Toddler, is Mentally Gifted, a Gym Rat, and a Quick Learner.

And because she is the new Heiress, everyone joined Gracie to celebrate her officially taking over the reins of this legacy!  I didn’t realize she had so many aspiration points, so I spent those and gave her some more traits.  This will be a pretty hefty list.  Genius, Self-Assured, Family-Oriented, Creatively Gifted, Happy Toddler, Essence of Flavor, Entrepreneurial, Observant, Stoves & Grills Master, Responsible, Storm Chaser, Business Savvy, Night Owl, Morning Sim, Mentor.  Aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy.  Since this is the last generation, she completed the first tier and a half just by being in this family.  By this time, they have amassed great wealth and this satisfies a lot of the requirements for the aspiration.

And then the saddest birthday of the day.  Mollie becomes an elder.  I thought it was sad when Perry aged up, but I feel like I never really got to spend any time with Mollie (though I did!) and now she is an elder.

Welcome to old age, Mollie!

I immediately moved the triplets out to different areas.  I had downloaded a few (7 total to be exact) of Teresa’s Grace family and her Hickey kids and put them in a house together (all Grace kids became siblings!) By the time the triplets were ready to move out on their own, only 5 were still living in the house.  So, I decided to play things by ear on this one.  David and China moved in with the remaining 5, and Gracie moved to the City.

Gracie’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Level 2
  • Marry a Richie Rich: It’s her first day as a YA, give me time!
  • Business Career:  Not started her job yet.
  • Charisma: Level 5
  • Logic: Level 5
  • Cooking: Level 4

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