The Garden Legacy: Mollie Colson, Ch. 1

After watching Perry die before I was ready, I sit my ass out on the front porch and watch the family enjoy the Harvestfest meal.  I didn’t want to be in there with them.  I was too upset.

And then it is time for Bret to age up to child.  He is a Happy Toddler, though how I don’t know.

Here is our Good Gym Rat.

Risky, autonomous woohoo will fill this house up, I swear!  I have not instructed them to woohoo since the triples were conceived.

And Xavier doesn’t seem thrilled, either.

And some of the twins completed their aspirations, but not all before their birthdays.  So here we go with another round of birthdays.  David aged up to Teen with Goofball, Outgoing, and Business Savvy.  I took his hair down from the ponytail.  Never have liked ponytails on a guy.  Long hair is ok, not pony’s.

China aged up with Cheerful and Lazy, Happy Toddler, Gym Rat, Mentally Gifted, and Quick Learner.  That is a very cheerful face, huh?

And then Gracie aged up with Genius and Self-Assured, Creatively Gifted and Essence of Flavor.  They all got new hair.

But first, they had to do their homework.  On a Friday night.  All together.

Dad came home, had dinner and a drink.  Gracie hung out with him.  Though they weren’t talking or anything.

Just a normal day for the Villareal family.  Gracie is cooking while Mollie is cooking.  No biggie.  Mollie is actually working on her skills that are required for this generation.  And Gracie didn’t want any of the 100’s of dishes that Mollie had already prepared, so she made her own meal.

Just a sneak peek at something to look for with the new pack.

And Ranger is IN THE HOUSE!! Almost.

David is learning to spar.  I do love some of the new items that came with this new pack.  He is not very good at it, because his fitness is still at level 1, and watching him was much funnier than the picture gives credit for.

Ranger has become a Clingy and Fertile toddler!  Love those settings that give the kids the parents traits. LOL

Mollie has finally reached level 5 in the Culinary career!  She switched to culinary once she reached the top level of the Athletic career.

New LAPTOPS!!!  The kids are having a blast with the new laptops!  You can customize the colors and everything!  China is finding that new laptops does not mean her social game improved!

Ranger is learning potty, and he is not happy about that.

Since Perry has passed away to the netherworld, Mollie was able to indulge in a contraption she had been eyeing for a long time.  The cupcake baking machine!  She tries it out and makes some donuts!  Behind her, notice the wall of birth certificates.  These are every child born into this legacy.  No one has missed one in 9 generations!

MOLLIE!!! What happened to your belly?  Are you eating too many sweets?  Or is that a nooboo?

Toddler Spam!  Ranger eating!

And enjoying himself!

All of the kids are on Free Willy time because I am concentrating on getting Mollie done with all of her requirements.  I will randomly go and find the kids to see what they are up to.  Gracie likes playing chess.

China plays with Ranger!  A LOT!

Ranger found the adult tablet and is playing his toddler games.

Or he can be found crying because he had a potty accident!

I think there are other kids in this house.  I have a very aggressive setting on autonomous woohoo, so Mollie and Xavier have been popping them out without my input.   Here is the current family portrait!  In order from left to right – Gracie, David, Ranger, Mom Mollie, Dad Xavier, China, Bret.

Since Xavier joined the military career, he has been doing very well.  He is earning tons of medals!

After his next promotion, he was required to spar with someone, not just the sparring robot.  So we tried it to see if fat girl, I mean pregnant Mollie, could spar with him.  I would say yes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mollie!  Shame on you!  Aren’t you pregnant?  Don’t you know that you are NOT supposed to drink while pregnant?

She said “shut up!  This pregnant business is hard work!” My response?  Who’s fault is that?  I didn’t tell you to woohoo! Not long after, she had another little girl, that I named Ange.  Pronounced Angie, but I misspelled so we will just go with it. No pictures of the birth or baby, because after NINE GENERATIONS of getting all of the birth certificates, I screwed up and sent her ALONE!  Damn, they don’t come back with BC’s that way.  Anyway, here is the Charming toddler Ange grew into.  Of course, the first order of business was to plunk her down on the potty chair.

Now that Mollie is no longer pregnant, she can work on Wellness.  On the treadmill, you can work out until the 3rd trimester, but you can’t touch the yoga mat AT ALL when pregnant.  Now, with the house full, she can finally work on it without worrying about getting pregnant. She has 4 days until she is an elder.  Gracie is still into that Chess table.

When you are in the middle of a phase that makes you hate being around your family, the best place to do your homework is on your own bed in your own room, right?  No one will bother you there!  WRONG!  In this world, you will immediately be surrounded by every family member in your household!  Sorry, China!

So I send China out to play in the snow, by herself!

Another family portrait, with a full house!  Left to right – Gracie, Ange, Dad Xavier, David, Ranger, Mom Mollie, China, Bret!  One of these kids will be the next heir/ess.  Which will it be?  I guess you will just have to wait to find out!  I am choosing based on where each of them are on skills and traits.  The youngest 3 are not in the running, so that should narrow down your guessing window. 😀

But before we can get to the next, and FINAL, generation, Mollie must complete her requirements. WELLNESS, BABY!  She needs some Zen in her life with all those kids in the house!

How do these NPC’s survive without winter wear?

Had to take a short time out on the Wellness skill to age up little Ranger.

He became a Self-Assured Happy Toddler, that is Fertile.  Yeah!

And we are done!!!  Mollie got only one chapter because she spent so much of her time hanging out in Perry’s story.

Mollie’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Bodybuilder – Complete
  • Athletic Career: Complete
  • Culinary Career: Level 5
  • Level 10 Skills: Fitness, Cooking, Baking, Wellness
  • Level 5 Skills: Gourmet Cooking
  • Have triplets: Complete

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