The Garden Legacy: Perry Villareal, Final Chapter

So Xavier survived his ordeal.  He was able to be at the birth of his triplets.  And because he is so sweet, he went in after the birth to love on his beautiful wife.  I have never seen any sim do this before so this was kinda new and made my heart go gushy.

Three babies, three adults.  This should make things easier, right?  Let’s hope so.  Triplets are hard work.

Perry cleaned the pond after having Xavier fall in.  Just wanted to get the stink of human out of the pond.

This is kinda cool, too.  Looks like a washing machine with all the soap.

Back to the grindstone of the rules.  Xavier keeps Mollie company while she works out.

And we have toddlers!!!

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Dad is playing with the girls while mom went to work.

Perry is doing flash cards with David.

It’s a race to the food!  Calling all toddlers!  Food has been served!

Since I am only taking care of basic needs, I am just watching what everyone does.  The kids like the stuffed bear while Xavier loves playing dolls with them.

Gracie’s thinking is not maxed, so she must be telling a story to Xavier.  Or asking a question.

I think she wanted some flashcard time with dad.  He obliged!

OMG!  So cute!

Perry is still working on his career.  He performs his last surgery for his promotion!  Some of the items he removes from these people is ridiculous!  He also removed a plunger from this guy!  What are you people eating??

Potty training time!  I need these kids to have the basics at least!

Though I am not technically controlling Xavier at this point, I noticed that the Well had an evil look on his face.  Xavier is incidental at this point in the story, so he will be the tester monkey for anything I want to try. LOL.  Sorry, Charlie!

Family Photo!

Umm. What?  Hey, you stink!  And you have fleas!  Get OUT!

Perry takes turns reading to the toddlers.  All of the kids love their grandpa, though he leaves them a lot for work.

Not sure why Xavier sat down to play chess, but he always has time for his littles.

Xavier caught the kids making a mess and yelled at those poor helpless little souls.  Perry was just watching them.  He didn’t have an option to discipline so he was just observing his son-in-law’s actions.

Here is shot of the total, complete mess that David made.

Oops, who said y’all could have some fun???

Little shit on her way to make another mess.  Leaving the toddlers on Free Willy time is not the best idea.  They are constantly making messes!

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And here we go again!

They are so precious when they sleep!  IRL and in the game!

Perry is working tirelessly to clean up all of the messes.

Working on her Charisma, Mollie gets suddenly very dizzy.  And a rash pops up, as well.  Is there a doctor in the house?  Why can’t he examine and treat his own family???

Well, what do we have here? Another mess???  Why not?  And then a dance party!

Mollie comes in a disciplines China and then hugs her to let her know she is still loved.

NO!!!  What?? Perry, you can’t age up yet! Sorry, demi-god, it is time!

Perry is now an elder.  Sad face!

This is what happens when you leave the sims alone and don’t try to kill us all off!

And just like that it is time for some more birthdays.  The triplets become children!  First up is David.  He became a Goofball.

And then China aged up to become Cheerful. I makeover China and Gracie, just to give them hair similar to their toddler hood so I can remember who’s who.  But here they are the way they grew up.

Gracie became a Genius.

Here they are with their hair changed.  China is on the left and Gracie is on the right.

Umm… What???  Why???  When???  Which is what Xavier is saying, too!  I have no clue when this happened.

Perry still working on his doctor career.  If these people would stop eating their children’s toys, this wouldn’t be necessary.  Oh well, JOB SECURITY!

Mollie is still working on Charisma since she can’t work on her physical right now.

And we have a new baby, Bret!

And this is where the story turns weird.  Something STRANGE has taken over my Sims Worlds.  Xavier suddenly becomes playable and he joins the military career to see if he can get to the bottom of the strangeness.  He must get his physical strength up, so goes for a jog.  His new clothes are actually quite nice.

While he is out jogging, Mollie maxes Fitness and starts on Wellness.  She is moving up the scale pretty rapidly.  And her arms look LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG!

Xavier heads over to the new neighborhood that sprang up over night to investigate the weird happenings.  He interviews the locals.  They tell him to go talk to the Curio Shop Owner.

He heads on over and picks up some supplies, but the guy won’t give up any secrets.

He did, however, give Xavier a strange fruit and because he was hungry, he ate it.  What happens next is a blur to Xavier, but not to us. Unfortunately.

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He goes home like this and Mollie is concerned with his strange behavior.  She tries to talk to him.

And then she tries to snap him out of it.  That was when things got scary, not just weird.

He almost BROKE her hand!

Mollie was shaken and confused.  But she still tried to talk to her husband.

And everything he did just scared her.

It quickly passes, though and he becomes normal again.  However, if you ever get one of these fruits in your inventory, DON’T EAT IT!  What happens next will remain a mystery to my readers, because I don’t want to spoil the new pack for you.  Just know that this demi-god is still traumatized by the whole thing and will NEVER play this story line in an established legacy again!  Make sure you play this very specifically to the story.

In other news, a friend of Perry’s set him up on a blind date!  And it went really well!  Her name is Rowan Queen.  I am assuming she came with the new pack?  But maybe he will be able to have some companionship in his final days.

And we have a toddler!  Bret aged up to be inquisitive!

Perry invited Rowan over for a little one on one time.  Thanks to MCCC, I was able to check and the old dog got her pregnant. What?  Way to go, Perry!

Then he spent some quality time with Bret. Perry really loves the toddlers.

He ran outside to play in the rain!  I love when they do that!

I sent him to bed because he needed to work one more day for his final promotion.  I wanted him rested and then I hear music…

Wait? What? WHY????

Dude, you couldn’t wait ONE MORE DAY?

Mollie ran out to the grave and immediately strengthened his ties to the world.

Then offered a Sugar Skill.

Then summoned his ghost.

Finally, she asked him to join their household, which he did!  I know, Mollie, I am shocked too!

Perry immediately got a job as a doctor again, just one level down from his previous level.  A whole day went by (he had 3 days until he went to work) and during that time, the only thing he would do, despite any of the commands I gave him, was mourn at his own tombstone.  Every command I gave was cancelled and he would go back to the tombstone.  Finally, I decided he wasn’t worth having around anymore.  I would just complete his final requirement of reaching level 10 doctor.  So Bret gave him some lovings.

And then begged him not to leave.  But Perry had to go.  Bye-bye, Perry!  I will miss you!

And that completes Perry’s Generation.  His stats are as follows, the dumbass:

Completed everything but the final tier of the Doctor Career.  He was level 9.

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