The Garden Legacy: Perry Villareal, Ch. 4

Welcome back.  A lot has happened since last we met.  Let’s check in and see what’s been going on.  Perry and Mollie hang out in the kitchen.  Perry is cooking and Mollie is cleaning.

After making dinner they stand around and eat while talking.  It’s just the two of them for now.  So they spend some quality time together.  Mollie is really enjoying having her dad all to herself.

Cymba invites them to a party, so they go to see if either one of them can meet someone to alleviate the loneliness they are both experiencing.  Perry talks to an old lady at first while Mollie looks on.

And then finds another Adult, but lo and behold, she is married.  As is all of the Sims at this party, it turns out.

I don’t normally take pictures with the walls down, though that is how I play.  When I saw this, it just broke my heart.  Perry separates himself from the party goes and is really feeling the loneliness amongst all the married couples.  Mollie is chatting up some guys just to find out that they are married, too.  Damn, finding a mate to bring in the final generation won’t be easy this late in the game.  Thanks, EA.

Perry and Mollie head off together in solidarity of loneliness.

Perry then just tries to find a friend he can hang out with.  This guy was flirting and Perry just wasn’t interested.

Finally, there was news that a new man, named Xavier Colson, had moved into town and not wanting to miss out on a single YA, Mollie heads over to his house to introduce herself.  Very nice looking IMO.

She immediately starts working on building a relationship with this guy.  Romantic interactions were not being received well, despite the fact that he was a romantic, so she stuck to friendship ones for the time being.

After building the friendship level, Xavier was finally willing to accept romantic overtures.

After her first time to woohoo was over, she worked really hard to build the romance until she could ask him to be her boyfriend.

However, they both were tired and Xavier kept getting into bed in the middle of their conversation, so Mollie went home.  Took a nap and then called Xavier to come over.  He agreed.  I crossed my fingers that MCCC hadn’t taken the couple of hours to marry him off.  We have touchdown!  He is still single, so Mollie proceeded to make him her boyfriend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She decided to move him in, but was not gonna do the whole marriage bit.  She wanted him to poof at some point after he had fulfilled his duties of siring the next generation.

After a full day and a half of back to back woohoo, we finally have a nooboo on board!  Because she needs twins, and cheating was specifically allowed, I changed her offspring count to 3 from 2 so that she could have her triplets.

Now to tell the Daddy.

He was happy, I think.

They continue to build their relationship, and by this time I am strictly controlling only Perry and Mollie.  Mr. Colson is on Free Willy time.  Mollie’s expressions are all kinda perplexed, like how did she get into this situation?

Finally, they are best friends forever.

Mollie then tells her dad the good news.  She was thinking she was the first to give Perry grandchildren, but when looking at Grant, he was already married with a born baby. Hmph.  Perry was not too happy to hear there was going to be a baby in the house. He had to think about it for a bit.

Perry is steadily working on his career.  He has to perform 3 surgeries and he is working on his 2nd one.  This was the second patient to collapse in the foyer of the hospital.  The first one glitched and he couldn’t do the surgery.  He got his first surgery on a patient he diagnosed.

After Perry gets home, I am watching Mollie when I hear the woohoo bells.  WTF???  The only other people in the house is Perry and Xavier.  So I pause and go find those suckers.  Yep, they are headed to the bed for some woohoo with each other!  Um, NOPE!  You are NOT going to cheat on your pregnant girlfriend with her own daddy!  You scum bag!  And Perry!  Loneliness is NO EXCUSE!  That is your daughter you are about to betray!  I cancelled that interaction quick, fast, and in a hurry!  I figured the only option I had was for Xavier and Mollie to get married, because I didn’t want to change my settings in MCCC.  Dammit.

She said yes.

The requisite hug and jump in the arms.

And an immediate elopement in the bathroom was just the thing.

Mollie is having second thoughts about this whole thing.  She saw her life going in a completely different direction and now she is married and about to have triplets.  How did this happen?  Who could have done this to her?  Oh, demi-god, why did you let this happen to me?

And then finally, the ceremony was done, the marriage was official, so she hugged her new husband and accepted her fate.

Back to the grindstone of fulfilling the requirements of this generation until pregnancy put a hold on it.

She is constantly hungry with this pregnancy.

Xavier had to go and play with fire.  He decided to play with the sim eating fishies.

A brief break to take a selfie of his hot ass self.

And back to tormenting the hungry fishies.  They didn’t take too kindly to his torture and jumped up and got his hand!  Did you think they would be fine with you dangling food over them when they were hungry, dumbass?

And then to top it all off, he slips and falls in.

Does HE survive?

Meanwhile, to cement the triplets and just because, Mollie heads over to the spa for a fertility massage.

And a foot massage.

She comes home only to go into labor!

And the triplets are born!  We have a boy, David, and 2 girls, China and Gracie.

Stay tuned for our next episode!  Does Xavier make it out alive?  Or does he get eaten by the angry, hungry piranha?  Find out next time!

Perry’s Stats!

  • Aspiration: Complete, but don’t ask me how, because from what I can tell, none of his kids have maxed their career out yet.  Glitch, maybe?
  • Career: Level 8 Doctor
  • Fitness & Cooking: Maxed
  • Spouse: Dr. Addy Villareal
  • Children: Mollie, Grant, Cymba
  • Healthy Diet: Yep


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